More than Half of Consumers Want Humor Cards from Businesses This Holiday Season

Kansas City, Mo. (PRESS RELEASE – October 31, 2009) – In an October 2009 survey* of more than 2,300 consumers, 62 percent expressed interest in receiving humor cards from a company with which they do business. Additionally, 65 percent said receiving a humorous business greeting card would result in a positive feeling towards the company.

For the upcoming holiday season specifically, more than half of consumers are interested in receiving humor cards from companies with which they do business, while 49 percent of consumers prefer a traditional business holiday card. Businesses can leverage this trend with the debut of the humor holiday card collection from Hallmark Business Expressions, the b-to-b subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc. With 16 humor holiday cards available for businesses at, designs range from general, light humor to industry-specific humor in the areas of sales, insurance and health services.

“The goal of our humor holiday cards is to relate to everyday businesspeople and office situations, as well as more specific occupations that lend themselves to industry humor,” said Angela Nelson, art director for the Hallmark Business Expressions humor holiday card line. “Humor has worked in the consumer world for years. We saw an opportunity to expand our product line to translate what’s been successful with consumers for the business customer.”

The research also found that humor is more acceptable coming from some professions and industries than others. In fact, according to consumers, the industries most acceptable to send humorous business greeting cards are real estate (47 percent), health services (44 percent), human resources (44 percent) and insurance (37 percent).

“Our humor holiday cards strike a balance between relevance for our website customers and today’s economic climate. We focused on the industries where humor works well, especially given the current business environment. We know a good portion of our customers represent the sales, insurance and healthcare industries, and our new research supports that humor is well received from companies in these segments,” said Julie Cunnyngham, marketing director for Hallmark Business Expressions.

All cards in the new humor holiday collection can be customized with a company logo and personal closing.

New Holiday Card Collection

With 161 holiday business cards in the 2009 line, Hallmark Business Expressions offers a wide range of traditional, green holiday cards and charity holiday cards through This year’s collection contains 30 fresh designs with personalization options including adding a company logo, personal closing and a variety of sentiments inside the card.

“With Hallmark Business Expressions, businesses have the opportunity to pair their brand with ours, making the holiday connection that much more meaningful,” adds Cunnyngham.

*The October 2009 survey was conducted by Harris Interactive and received 2,309 respondents representing the US Adult population.

About Hallmark Business Expressions

Hallmark Business Expressions helps businesses cultivate relationships using greeting cards to communicate with key customers, prospects, employees and donors. Serving a wide variety of companies, from the Fortune 100 to small businesses, Hallmark Business Expressions provides distinctive ways to stay in touch and make a lasting impression. The company offers a full line of Everyday and Holiday greeting cards for businesses and a variety of personalization and mailing services at The company also offers custom design services for customers who require a unique card to meet a specific business objective.

Created by the company that has helped people express themselves for nearly a century, Hallmark Business Expressions offers businesses that same knowledge and expertise in business greeting cards. Hallmark Business Expressions is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc., headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Is there a software for personalizing Humor cards ? This would be great for driving traffic to websites

  2. Original Comment from SEO Tools:
    Is there a software for personalizing Humor cards ? This would be great for driving traffic to websites

    The Hallmark Business Expressions website gives businesses the option to purchase business greeting cards directly. When purchasing online, the inside of the greeting card can be customized with a personal message that could include the web address of the company sending the greeting card. Thus giving a way to effectively connect with the end recipient and drive website traffic. To view the full greeting card collection available for purchase, check out:

    Hallmark Business Expressions also develops custom greeting card programs for businesses, including customized humor greeting cards. These type of custom greeting cards are quite popular and and there are definitely ways you can track their return on investment, including how much web traffic increases after the greeting card has been mailed. For more details, you can call our custom sales team at 1-800-603-0651. Here’s a link to more information on our custom card programs:

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

    Julie Cunnyngham, marketing director for Hallmark Business Expressions

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