New Publishing and Editing Company Launches

AlbuQuerque, N.M. (PRESS RELEASE – October 20, 2009) – With the economy still struggling in the US and around the globe, more students have decided to return to school. Job seekers need assistance with resumes, portfolios, and cover letters.

Resume editing ranks in the top five positions that thrive during a difficult economy.

Enter Jargon Media LLC, an editing and publishing company launching on October 18, 2009.

With offices based in Albuquerque and London, the international start-up company will work with students and professionals seeking editorial assistance. The business also plans to pursue publishing endeavours. Whether they’re editing the written word or publishing it, Jargon Media LLC upholds the English language, one sentence at a time!

Jargon Media LLC is having an internet launch party to mark the milestone of its grand opening. E-vites were sent online, events posted on Facebook, and tweets made on Twitter. The company is utilizing the Web to conduct all business-an attempt to minimize cost and needless harm to the environment.

Editorial Services:

Jargon Media LLC will proof and edit dissertations, theses, resumes, cover letters, essays, manuscripts, articles, and beyond-no project is too big or too small. Clients submit work online and projects are assigned
to qualified, freelance editors around the globe.


Book publishing is a keen focus for Jargon Media LLC, with goals of editing, producing, marketing, and selling general trade fiction and non-fiction. Royal Amber by Jeanette M. Harris will be their first publication, available
to buy online November 10, 2009. Their second title, Fired for Facebooking, will be released in 2010.

Contact: launches on October 18, 2009. To join the online launch party or for more information follow @jargonmedia on Twitter, add jargonmedia to Skype contacts, or become a fan on Facebook (search Jargon Media LLC).

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