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Rsitez.com Riding High on Wave of Online Social Networking Sites

Orlando, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – October 13, 2009) – Social Networking 2.0 website, rsitez.com, is experiencing an unprecedented growth – 155% increase in 2009 sales, as compared to 2008 figures – during this economic downturn.

Rsitez integrated online social networking technology offers users the opportunity to create their own social networking sites with the largest, most comprehensive set of features. They will have the ability to customize all details in their websites, and the company presents a myriad of ways for businesses to make money
According to Nielsen Ratings, social networks grew twice as fast as email and Search in 2008. Furthermore, time spent on Social Networks and blogs grew over 3 times the rate of overall internet growth. So what distinguishes rsitez.com from competitors?

“We are different than our competition because we provide a fully-hosted, packaged solution that can be launched immediately, but can also be 100% customized,” says CEO and founder Rohan Hall, who has 25 years of technology experience with Fortune 500 companies. “This allows our customers to have affordable, unique social networking websites that are also 100% monetizable.”

Due to massive growth in the Social Networking sector, along with non-stop media buzz about sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, rsitez.com and its fully-integrated line of online features have accomplished what no other social media activist sites have been able to accomplish.

Rsitez.com offers customers money-making opportunities through memberships and event fees, donations, online stores, and classifieds, as well as advertising with Google integration. The revenue-based site includes dozens of features that competitor sites have been unable to integrate. Rsitez.com also has a software development team in place to rewrite any application for customers.

In the last quarter of 2009, rsitez.com will release its newest product update, which includes the chance for rsitez.com users to post all material on Facebook walls.

Rsitez.com is social networking home to such well-know businesses as thebizlunch.rsitez.com, redhotglamourgirls.com, youmovetheearth.org, yachtcircle.com, and gennextmusic.com.

For more information, or to get your own social network started, visit rsitez.com.

About rsitez.com

Online technology experts and co-founders Rohan and Sylvie Hall launched the unique, revenue-based, Web 2.0 social networking site for their customers in 2007. Rohan Hall, author of business and technology book, “Stop Working,” is also the founder of vConcepts, a technology consulting firm to Fortune 500 clients.