SpotMixer Helps Comcast and Time Warner Cable Generate Revenue From Local Businesses

Redwood City, California (PRESS RELEASE-October 16, 2009) – SpotMixer (, the industry-leading web-based video and TV advertising solution, continues to level the playing field for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announcing it is working with Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable in California, and Time Warner Cable to reduce the time and cost of creating TV ads. SpotMixer eliminates the need for operators to use outside production facilities, enabling them to close the ad sales process more quickly and generate additional revenue from new-to-TV local businesses that would otherwise not have the budget to advertise on local TV.

SpotMixer’s solution offers several opportunities for in-house cable production departments and local ad sales teams to streamline the ad creation and sales processes:

. Local TV ad sales teams can use SpotMixer to create spec ads to help the advertiser quickly preview a TV spot, shortening the sales cycle and bringing in more revenue from local businesses, especially those new to TV advertising.
. In-house production teams can use SpotMixer to easily and quickly create customized TV ads for new and existing TV advertisers.
. SpotMixer can also be used to re-purpose existing and co-branded TV ads, drastically reducing the cost of tagging or creating multiple versions of existing ads.
. Cable operators can also offer local businesses a do-it-yourself option to create their own TV ads directly on, saving hundreds of dollars in production costs.

“SpotMixer’s online video ad solution has proven to be an innovative and potent addition to the suite of advertising services offered by Comcast Spotlight in California,” said Bill Glenn, Sr. Production Manager for Comcast Spotlight in San Francisco. “SpotMixer has made us more nimble in prospecting sales, creating TV spots and quickly tagging or versioning commercials. We’re able to respond to clients faster and more cost effectively, which gives us a powerful advantage in reaching the expanding segment of businesses new to online and TV advertising.”

The Marketing Committee of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio needed to promote its big fund-raising event last Summer-the Golden Raffle-and wanted a way to promote it on local cable TV quickly. The local Time Warner Cable Media Sales team got them on air with impressive speed, using SpotMixer to re-use images and logos that the committee already had and turned around several versions of the spots very quickly.

“The cable television industry continues to look for innovative ways to offer value-add to their customers at a low cost and generate more sales,” said John Love, CEO of SpotMixer. “We’re excited that SpotMixer is helping cable companies sell more effectively to existing and new-to-TV advertisers, opening the door to local businesses that would never have considered advertising on television before and to cable operators who can leverage our technology to serve and grow the local TV advertising market.”

About SpotMixer is a service of One True Media, the first and most respected name in Web-based video creation for consumers. One True Media has leveraged its technology and marketing expertise into SpotMixer to help businesses easily and cost-effectively create videos and advertise with video online and on TV. SpotMixer is a Google AdWords Authorized Reseller for video.

Founded in 2005, the company is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures and NTT Finance, and is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. For more information about SpotMixer, please visit

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