TalentDrive and nowHIRE Partnership Brings Improved Resume Sourcing to Users

Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI (PRESS RELEASE – October 9, 2009)-TalentDrive, the creator of the advanced on-demand resume sourcing technology, TalentFilterSM, announced today a technology partnership with nowHIRE, an applicant tracking system provider. This partnership seamlessly integrates TalentFilter’s resume sourcing technology API with nowHIRE’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) products, bringing to market a full-service talent acquisition and management solution, branded “TalentSweep.”

TalentSweep allows recruiters to automate and consolidate their online sourcing efforts, all from one easy-to-use, unified platform. Users are now able to source thousands of free and paid online resume locations, as well as existing candidates in their company database. Resumes are scored and ranked against the job description and directly imported into the nowHIRE ATS for easy management.

This partnership helps recruiters take advantage of the millions of resumes online, harnessing the power of the Internet from a single platform to reduce time-to-hire. TalentSweep helps recruiters locate the quality candidates needed to fill open positions by unifying and simplifying the recruiting process.

“One of the major issues facing recruiters today and in the future is improving efficiency and maximizing the time spent sourcing through the glut of resumes online. By partnering with a respected ATS such as nowHIRE, we are able to integrate our technology, developing a new product that helps accomplish this goal. Combining two key functions, resume sourcing and applicant management, into one location is a solution we believe in. We know nowHIRE is the right partner for this initiative,” said Sean Bisceglia, CEO of TalentDrive.

“When our users asked for an easy-to-use solution to obtain new resumes , we knew integrating a front-end sourcing technology into our ATS products was a logical next step,” said Joseph Impastato, founder and chief executive officer of nowHIRE. “We are confident our users will benefit from the new product’s quick and efficient functionality to help them refine their candidate pool.”

About TalentDrive:

TalentDrive has released the industry’s most innovative SaaS sourcing solution, TalentFilterSM. Over 55 global companies have helped us develop one of the most easy to use, on-demand,talent sourcing tools on the market. As a subscriber, our recruitment technology sweeps and unifies thousands of paid and free resume databases in one location. TalentFilter then matches, hierarchies the results, and provides contact through auto scheduling. Through direct users and our API Partner network, over 40,000 users have access to our technology. TalentFilter is proud to serve the United States, Europe, and The Pacific Rim. One search, one location, one technology. Thousands of sources. For more information, visit www.talentdrive.com.

About nowHIRE:

Since 1999, nowHIRE has provided applicant tracking systems for companies of every size within diverse vertical markets. Their industry-defining solutions feature fully integrated, Web-based recruiting and applicant tracking software modules. Companies can configure the software to their specific recruiting needs-for hourly, salaried, internal or contingent employees, or any combination thereof. For more information, visit http://www.nowhire.com/.

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