WebinarHero: New Webinar Listing Service

WebinarHero is a free webinar listing service and promotion service. On the site, you can submit your upcoming webinar.

Or, if you are looking for webinars to attend, you search the database for webinars on various topics. You can also search by date, in case you are looking for something to do on a particular date and time.

The service is fairly intuitive and straightforward. In order to list your webinar, you must register. I didn’t see any overt statement about “we respect your privacy and won’t sell your name to spammers”, but I’m willing to take my chances and give it a try anyway.

webinarhero submit page

You will immediately notice that on the Submit Free Webinar page pictured above, there is Step 1 that states it is free.  Then in Step 2 you see a price and PayPal button. It is slightly confusing.  However, it is indeed free to submit your webinar information. You drop down on the Pay Now area and there’s a “No Thanks” option with $0 listed.

From there, you enter the basics, the link, and some tags. Easy enough. Then, below the fold, is another box where you can enter the description for the event or webinar. Just remember to scroll down so you don’t miss the opportunity to tell others about your event.

In addition to submitting webinars, and finding webinars, there is a third tab on the site.  That tab is “Create a Webinar” which mainly has tips for how to pull off a successful webinar.  It ends with a link to a page describing custom consulting services that WebinarHero offers to help companies create and promote webinars.

Where They Could Improve

When submitting webinars, after you’ve entered all of your information, you are taken to the calendar area where you can select the date for the event you submitted and double check everything. Again, very easy. The only downside was there was no simple and easy way to edit the event. Of course, after digging around in the FAQ, I found that you can “Duplicate Event” and make changes to that one, then go back and delete the old one. Not my preference, but it works. What if I forget to delete the old event? So, I just skipped the Duplicate step and deleted and started over when I made a mistake. I’d like to see an edit button in the future that lets me edit my actual listing.

webinarhero calendar view

Remember, this is a new service and one that is in beta. I’m sure they’ll keep ironing out these kinks and continue refining this great service.

Who is WebinarHero for?

For the marketer or small business owner or startup entrepreneur that wants an inexpensive way to get the word out about an upcoming webinar, WebinarHero is one of the places to start your promotion.

As an attendee, if you are looking for  a single source of informative business webinars, and don’t want to have to search through Google or press releases or umpteen newsletters, WebinarHero can save you time and effort.

Another advantage of WebinarHero is that they “get” Twitter.   On their Twitter feed (@WebinarHero) they publish links to new webinar events that have been listed.  So you can follow them on Twitter to be alerted to new webinars.

Learn more about WebinarHero here.


TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. Thanks for another comprehensive review TJ. I like the idea of a single source to search for appropriate business webinars.

  2. This is a good review, TJ. It just goes to show how popular a trend webinars are becoming.

    — Anita

  3. Another resource for business eLearning training is BusinessExpertWebinars.com

  4. It is great to have a main source for exploring new webinars.

  5. This is a great idea. It’s really easy to navigate through the listings and isn’t too confusing. I will definitely visit this site often.

  6. TJ,
    This is so great! Thanks so much for discovering and then exploring the site. I’m looking forward to trying this out and will be sure to share this with others.

  7. This is a great idea. I’ve been looking for one central location to list our Internet Marketing related webinars. In the spirit of sharing knowledge and collaborating with others this tool will really help get the word out!

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