“Entrepreneurial Economy” Blueprint Launches – High Profile Task Force to Address Start Up Issues, Opportunities

Tucson, Arizona (PRESS RELEASE – November 9, 2009) – Today, Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, Inc. (TREO) launches the next extension of its Blueprint, called the Entrepreneurial Economy Blueprint, to focus on entrepreneurship. TREO’s Economic Blueprint, a long-range plan to diversify the region’s economy and closely guide the community’s economic development vision for decades to come, was launched in 2007 and focused on five key areas to achieve a competitive economy through the recruitment, retention and expansion of existing business. The outcome of the Entrepreneurial Economy Blueprint will be an action-specific strategy to create new jobs and community wealth through the start-up, growth and expansion of knowledge-based enterprises.

“I am pleased to be chairing this effort. We need a stronger alignment of many community groups to leverage assets we already have, strengthen partnerships, find common ground on addressing gaps and promote awareness of cutting-edge entrepreneurial activity here in the region,” says Harry George, Managing Partner of Solstice Capital, the Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Economy Task Force.

The project will tackle topics and goals such as:
* Angel, Venture and other Capital Resources: Addressing key gaps and leveraging new “Fund of Funds” State program
* Talent Attraction/Retention: Improving the product of Tucson for the “Creative Class Entrepreneur”
* Enhanced Infrastructure: Strengthening incubation of the next big idea
* Forming University/Industry Research Partnerships: Aligning strategies to achieve a common vision
* Technology Transfer: Getting more out of the UA’s research powerhouse
* Promoting Technology-based Economic Development: Aligning marketing efforts to plan strategies
* Communication Plan: Extending entrepreneurial opportunity by building and a robust communications campaign

Building on TREO’s process of deep community involvement in the Blueprint, the effort will be guided by a diverse, high-profile Entrepreneurial Economy Task Force to develop a series of strategies that will strengthen our economy through innovation and entrepreneurial growth. The project will be completed by March 2010.

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