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Invention Machine Expands Reseller Program to Meet SMBs Innovation Demands

Boston (PRESS RELEASE – November 22, 2009) – Invention Machine, a leading provider of innovation software, today announced the expansion of its reseller program to meet the growing demand for Invention Machine Goldfire by small and midsize manufacturers. The company is offering its innovation software to small and medium businesses (SMBs) through its reseller channel. New resellers that have joined Invention Machine’s global roster to specifically help SMBs accelerate and sustain product innovation include Alignex, Boundary Systems, BRT Solutions, Designfusion and NovaQuest.

SMBs face the same challenges as large companies in today’s competitive environment. Industry reports indicate that top pressures driving product innovation include the need to satisfy market demand, deliver the right products and shorten product development schedule.

“Small and medium businesses face difficult trade-offs between product innovation and cost control in today’s challenging economy,” said Jim Brown, president, Tech-Clarity. “Despite tough times, these companies must continue to invest in innovation to remain competitive in the recovering economy and beyond. A powerful innovation platform like Goldfire can help.”

Invention Machine selected the following companies because of their strong market knowledge and experience in selling software, including product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to mid-market manufacturers. These strategic collaborations will now allow our resellers to seamlessly integrate Goldfire into their customers’ innovation process, which in turn will help fuel product pipelines and drive revenue.

Alignex is a leading provider of ideation, design, engineering, and manufacturing technologies. Alignex is partnering with Invention Machine so its customers can implement a sustainable innovation process that will allow them to identify and deliver cutting edge products quickly and cost-effectively.

Boundary Systems is a leading software solutions company focused on product lifecycle management. With Goldfire in its portfolio, Boundary can now deliver new innovation capabilities for their customers and prospects and meet their need to aggressively increase market share in their respective industries.

BRT Solutions is a leading provider of PLM and product development solutions. With Goldfire, BRT customers will be able to quickly and predictably roll out new and improved products to market while taking advantage of emerging technologies and customer demands.

Designfusion is a leading Value Added Reseller (VAR) for PLM solutions, focused on solving simple to extremely complex mechanical design or PLM business issues. With Goldfire, Designfusion will enhance its value-add within strategic accounts that are seeking to increase innovation capacity, establish a sustainable innovation process and drive predictability.

NovaQuest Solutions is a leading VAR of 3D and PLM solutions. By expanding its portfolio with Goldfire, the reseller can enable its clients to create intellectual property with breakthrough technology and develop better ideas upfront, which is especially valuable for SMBs with low product margins or fixed budgets.

“Sustainable innovation is the cornerstone of a global economy, regardless of company size,” said Mark Atkins, CEO and chairman, Invention Machine. “Now SMBs can harness the power of our innovation software to accelerate and fuel innovation, deliver the right products and gain competitive advantage in today’s innovation economy.”

Goldfire, an innovation intelligence platform, helps manufacturing organizations transform ideas into market leading products, making innovation a repeatable and sustainable process. Goldfire combines proven innovation workflows and collaboration capabilities with precise access to corporate and external knowledge. This unique software knowledge-enables innovators across an organization and empowers them to deliver the right products the first time, fuel product pipelines, which ultimately boosts revenue and market share.

About Invention Machine

A leading provider of innovation software, Invention Machine drives sustainable innovation by empowering global organizations to translate ideas into market-leading products, consistently and rapidly. Manufacturers in more than 25 countries rely on Invention Machine Goldfire for product innovation, process improvement and market expansion. Its unique software fuels sustainable innovation across numerous industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer technology, energy and environment and life sciences. For additional information, please visit invention-machine.com

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