Launch of the Home-based Business Chamber

(PRESS RELEASE – November 16, 2009) – The Home-Based Business Chamber of Commerce is specifically designed to help develop and empower the home-based businesses, enabling them to compete with major companies.

Officially launched November 1, 2008, the targeted chamber was formed to provide an opportunity for home-based business owners to build creditability, collaborate and share ideas, and learn how to effectively market their products and services to the mass market.

The low-cost membership includes benefits such as an avenue to create their own website, ongoing education and training catered to home-based business development, networking opportunities, access to micro-loans, as well as professional accounting and legal consultation.

The Home-Based Business Chamber’s goal is to seek out those businesses that get continually overlooked by consumers and vendors alike due to their inability to gain a substantial presence in the business world.

For more information about the new Home-Based Business Chamber, please visit our website at

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