Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences Highlight 2010 Adventures Lineup For Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Potomac, MD (PRESS RELEASE – November 23, 2009) — Maverick Business Adventures® (MBA – http://maverickbusinessadventures.com) creates epiphanies for entrepreneurs and CEOs with a 2010 high adrenalin adventures schedule of Epic (four to eleven days) and Breakaway & Maverick Meet-Up programs (two to three days over a long weekend) combining exhilarating outdoor experiences with business building, networking, and giving back.

By popular request MBA and its entrepreneur organization has expanded its adventure reach to include South Africa, Costa Rica and Canada in addition to US programs.

For 2010, the cost per person, exclusive of air to the destination, for Epic experiences range in price from $12,000 to $29,000; and for Breakaways and Maverick Meet-Ups; $5,000 to $9,000.

Four Epic programs have been scheduled for 2010 and include:

-The Ultimate Baja Experience with classic off road desert racing with celebrity business icon guest Joe Sugarman, millionaire mail order pioneer and maverick; Jan. 26-31
-Costa Rica Tropical Multi-Sport Adventure combining extreme mountain biking, kayaking, diving and zip-lining, rappelling waterfalls and bungee jumping! Apr. 7-12
-South Africa World Cup, Safari & Great White Cage Dive with a safari at Sir Richard Branson’s private game reserve, Ulusaba; tickets to a semi and final World Cup soccer match and cage diving with Great White Sharks; July 2-12
-British Columbia Multi Sport Fly-in Adventures featuring fly-in hiking, fishing and rafting with an opportunity to kayak with Orca whales; Sept. 2-6

Breakaways and Maverick Meet-Ups are also planned spanning long weekends in 2010:

-HALO Sky Diving – In the world of jumping from planes this means “High Altitude Low Opening” – the ultimate sky diving experience as you leap from jet plane altitude of 30,000 feet. High thrills and a day of business in the New Orleans area coming in the summer of 2010
-Las Vegas ZERO-G – Coming in the fall of 2010, don custom flight suits and tackle zero gravity over the Nevada desert with a special celebrity business icon to be announced
-Covert Ops – Learn what it takes to be a secret agent with high speed driving, self defense, surveillance techniques and more; Oct. 22-24

In order to participate in the adventures a Maverick Business Adventures membership is required. Qualifications include being a successful business owner, entrepreneur or high-achiever with minimum business gross revenue of $1M. Candidates must also be willing to share what has made their businesses successful. The annual MBA membership fee is $10,000. See http://maverickbusinessadventures.com/qualificationdetails.html

“Just one good idea, one new resource or one powerful connection would pay for the trip 100 times over,” says Yanik Silver, founder of MBA. “And since the trip and MBA memberships may qualify as tax deductions, one’s cost is significantly less in real dollars.”

MBA is the first and thus far the only business leadership network to gather successful, like-minded entrepreneurs and top achievers for adrenalin highs and case study networking. Part of the MBA mission is to also give back and help empower future young entrepreneurs (http://maverickbusinessadventures.com/young-entrepreneurs.html). MBA gives money and provides live and virtual educational products and programs for aspiring entrepreneurs sourced in communities where adventure trips are held. Five percent of gross revenues go to self-sustaining charities selected by the members.

For more information on the 2010 Adventure Outings Lineup please see:

MBA member and manufacturer Mike Lally of PCB Group says that these trips take “work hard / play hard” to a whole new level.

“What we found here is a group of like-minded individuals. We\’re not all in the same business; we\’re not doing the same things and that\’s part of the beauty of it. But everybody is here to work hard and play hard, so you get a very intense group of men and women. You don\’t get to meet someone like that in an evening or over a round of golf,” he says.

Maverick Business Adventures is structured to be an exclusive business leadership network and membership is by-application-only, limited to forward thinking business men and women with proven abilities and success. Silver stresses that the focus is not on corporate team building or motivational development. Instead, members will be invited to join all-inclusive adventure outings that encourage the type of high-level networking and powerful connections that can only occur outside of normal business settings. For details on the group and how to apply for membership you can go online to http://maverickbusinessadventures.com/ or call 240.744.0165.

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