SMB celebrates United Nations milestone

(PRESS RELEASE – November 19, 2009) – A UK-based Publishing and Marketing Services company is celebrating ten years of working with the United Nations.

Tudor Rose, based in Friar Lane, Leicester began working with the UN in 1999 and has collaborated with the global organisation to produce a series of books on key human development issues.

The first joint publication, National Disaster Management, was produced to mark the end of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction, a United Nations initiative to reduce the negative effects of natural disasters.

The most recent publication, Climate Sense, was published in partnership with the World Meteorological Organisation for the World Climate Conference-3 In Geneva in September 2009.

The book is an educational tool, discussing the increasing role that climate change plays in our lives, and how important climate prediction has become in the development of resilient and sustainable societies.

Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of WMO, said: “We have come to appreciate Tudor Rose’s professionalism and earnestness in ensuring the timeliness, quality and breadth of the articles.”

Tudor Rose has also sent free copies to leaders in developing countries as part of the UN’s educational drive to both adapt to climate change and, in so doing, supporting the alleviation of poverty.

Jon Ingleton, managing director of Tudor Rose, said: “We are privileged to have had the opportunity to work with a global organisation such as the United Nations and to be able to produce such important and innovative publications.

“Our partnership with the UN has set an exceptionally high standard that touches our business throughout. We hope to continue working together to produce books that address key public sector issues.”

Tudor Rose is a marketing, publishing and design agency established in 1997 with clients that range from global organisations such as Microsoft to small start-up businesses.

The company also publishes several magazines in collaboration with Microsoft. Finance on Windows is a quarterly magazine with news and features on the use of the Microsoft Windows technology platform, Prime features Microsoft and partner technology in manufacturing, Retailspeak is Microsoft’s customer publication for the retail industry and Connections covers communication technology.

For more information, please contact Karen McCandless at or call +44 116 222 9900.

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