SMB Owners Get Mobile Coupons For The Holidays

Coupon savingsGoogle’s getting into the holiday spirit a little early this year, announcing the availability of mobile coupons for small business owners. The coupon part has been around for awhile, however, Google’s done a pretty good job failing to promote them. But no longer. With the change, any business owner who creates and adds a mobile coupon to their Google Local Business listing will now have the option to make that coupon accessible via a mobile device. That means customers and prospective customers looking up your location on their phone will be able to access your coupons without the need of a printer or rusty pair of scissors. Pretty savvy.

To make a coupon, simply head to your Local Business listing and click on the Coupons tab.  If you haven’t claimed your listing yet, it’s really time to do that. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to create your coupon like everyone else. If you’ve never created a Google coupon before, the process is pretty painless. You’ll be asked for your business name, coupon heading, optional sub-heading, the specifics of your coupon, an image, expiration date and other like information. Once you’ve entered in all your data, Google will give you a preview for how the coupon will look both on your Google Place Page and on a mobile device


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Once live, when a user views your Google Local Business listing on their phone they’ll see a section that shows them all available coupons. They can then click around to access the mobile-formatted version to show the sales clerk for redemption. It’s pretty simple. [I tried to find a coupon shot in the wild butI wasn’t able to find any businesses currently using Google coupons – which is perhaps part of the problem and reason for the release.]

I think this is a great add on right in time for the holiday season. It gives small business owners one more reason to claim their listing and it encourages them to experiment with a new type of dynamic content for their site. It’s also a very strong draw for customers who love feeling like they’re getting something for free. Having coupons attached to your Google Business Listing is a great differentiator and one that I hope more SMBs will start using. It’s also a great way to see who’s finding you from the Web, as opposed to “traditional” means.

It’s worth noting that if you DO already have Google coupons, you’ll want to edit them to now be mobile-accessible. Google won’t change that default for you. To edit old coupons or go create a new one, head to the Google Local Business Center.

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Lisa Barone Lisa Barone is Vice President of Strategy at Overit, an Albany Web design and development firm where she serves on the senior staff overseeing the company’s marketing consulting, social media, and content divisions.

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  1. And don’t forget to make your sales staff aware of the coupons and how they should be handled. I get extremely frustrated when the person at the register has to go get a supervisor since they don’t know what I’m talking about (bad experience with a text-based promotion).

  2. Lisa,

    Thank you for the information!

    Google is such an idea machine…

    The Franchise King
    Joel Libava

  3. Thanks for pointing this out Lisa,
    Another great innovation from Google

  4. Great step forward… now got to get in touch with the Google guys and have them add barcodes to these coupons… Be a big help to processing these electronic offers at checkout…

    If anyone knows the right person at Google to contact, please let me know ( We (Wasp Barcode) have software that can create the barcodes.

    Thanks, Grant

  5. How do you handle the administration routine of a coupon on a mobile phone?

  6. Does anyone know how much these new mobile coupons cost to create and distribute for a business? Are they free?

  7. Mobile coupons – how do you ensure that the coupon is marked as redeemed which are downloaded on mobile and used at the register.
    Also, are there any plans of coming to Asian market

  8. How do i get updates sent to my inbox when you update your blog? I been checking your website for a while now and wouldnt mind a heads up.