The Secret of Using Sales Tests to Pick 19 Out of 20 Top Sales Performers

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – November 12, 2009) – Hiring better salespeople is critical in today’s economy. When sales hiring consultant Alan Fendrich, President of Advanced Hiring System was invited to speak to the National Convention of NASRN (National Association of State Radio Networks) in Fort Lauderdale, he wanted to dramatize how using sales tests guarantee 90% accuracy hiring top performing salespeople.

To demonstrate that top performers have similar profiles in validated sales tests, Fendrich offered to have the top performing salespeople in the 20 client members of NASRN take the sales tests. Regardless of the results of the sales test, he agreed to publicize the unedited results at the convention.

The actual result was slightly better than the 90% accuracy he claims. He picked 19 out of 20 top performers using the Advanced Hiring System’s sales tests. Members were shocked when they saw the sales test graphs being projected on the whiteboard. He had picked their top sellers 95% of the time.

In this economic environment, sales departments are the one factor that can be improved to increase top line and bottom line results. Sales Departments need more top performers and less mediocre or poor performers.

When asked to improve sales performance, sales managers complain about lousy sales hires. Unfortunately most sales managers have never been trained on how to hire salespeople properly. Compared to professional sports teams, where recruiting is a refined process, sales hiring is weak and poorly thought through.

The sad fact is that standard hiring practices: advertising, getting in a bunch of resumes, flipping through the resumes looking for previous sales experience (or, better, previous industry sales experience), calling the applicants from those selected resumes to conduct an interview or two – then hiring the one who “interviewed well” does not work.

The standard hiring practice is easy to fool by applicants hungry to land a job. The old line “most salespeople do their best selling looking for work” is as true today as ever, despite the availability of scientific sales tests. At best, standard hiring practice produce a a 25% success rate for hiring top sales performers.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding using sales tests – and although a growing number of sales managers are using a hiring system involving sales tests, the majority don’t recognize how essential sales tests are to break out of the 25% sales hiring success rate.

Sales managers who resist using sales tests are skeptical whether a “test” can be used to pick out the best candidates. Some feel sales tests can be tricked and are unsure of their validity. Well constructed, valid sales tests address this concern with research and built in “lie detectors.”

As Advanced Hiring System demonstrated in front of NASRN, using sales tests, together with a systematic approach to sales hiring, turns picking top performers into a no-brainer for sales managers.

You can see the results of the presentation to NASRN at

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