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Launching A New Product

On October 22nd, Small Business Trends announced the first in a series of videos that our very own, Anita Campbell, did for UPS (United Parcel Service) and provided a bit of the backstory [1] behind the filming of the videos.

Today, we are pleased to announce the last video of Anita’s series titled, “Launching A New Product [2]” in which Anita discusses the cycle of orchestrating the successful launch of a new product into the marketplace.

Anita says, “So, you’ve developed a new product?  You’re going to want a well coordinated launch plan.  Start planning early!  If the product is already rolling off the assembly line and being packed in boxes, you’re not leaving yourself enough time.”

When orchestrating a new product launch, there are so many factors to take into consideration.  Branding, logos, trademarks, packaging and much more.  Missing one or more of the necessary factors in a successful business launch can “make or break” your new product.  Taking the necessary time beforehand to properly prepare is crucial to the final success of your new product.

Anita says, “Keep your plans flexible.  You may need to make adjustments on the fly, but remember, those adjustments just might reveal hidden opportunities.”

Here is Anita’s final video of the series titled, “Launching a New Product”:

A big thank you to United Parcel Service (UPS) whose sponsorship made it possible for Anita to do the video series. We’d also like to point out that several others created videos in this series as well.  You can find them in a YouTube channel put together by PopURLS.  Some of the latest videos include:

Please watch all the videos on PopurlsBrown’s Channel [3] on YouTube and leave a comment to let us know what you think!