SitePal Launches 3D Avatar Solution For Small Business Owners

New York (PRESS RELEASE – December 22, 2009) – SitePal (, a provider of speaking avatars for small business use, announced today the introduction of 3D PhotoFace technology. 3D Photoface allows SitePal users to rapidly create lifelike speaking avatars from a digital photograph. These avatars are used as virtual salespeople and customer service agents on business Web sites. In addition to the striking visual resemblance to a real human, 3D PhotoFace avatars humanize and personalize customer interactions online. Customers can script these PhotoFace avatars by recording their own voice or by using the built-in text-to-speech feature. PhotoFace avatars can be easily published to a Web page through a simple short HTML code.

“3D Photoface technology revolutionizes the SitePal offering. The ease of creating personalized, photo real avatars that can literally be your virtual employees, is perfect for small business owners looking to differentiate themselves online,” said Adi Sideman, CEO of Oddcast. “The new technology makes it simple for users to update their characters and voice messages as often as they want. The ability to easily create and update these new 3D photo real avatars that look like the business owner opens new opportunities for small businesses to extend their brand and offer a personal touch for their online clients.”

One of the most exciting features of this new technology is the ability to control the avatar’s facial expressions. Users can apply one of several facial expressions including happy, sad, angry, embarrassed and surprised, to their 3D avatar by clicking corresponding emoticons. Programmers can use an API to apply these expressions dynamically in real time. A demo featuring the character’s facial expressions can be found here:

“Advances in Flash technology and the adaptation of extreme programming techniques from the gaming industry have made it possible to introduce lifelike 3D animated characters with speech technology into Web pages, vastly improving the user experience,” said Gil Sideman, CTO of Oddcast. “We are eager to bring affordable and functional 3D animation technology to mainstream users and small business owners via the Web.”

Previews of the new 3D PhotoFace technology can be found by clicking on the link below (click on the forward button to view each example):

About SitePal

SitePal, a division of Oddcast Inc. based in NYC, provides an easy-to-use and affordable speaking avatar solution that enables small businesses to enhance their web presence and improve business results with virtual speaking characters. With its ability to engage site visitors and reinforce call to action, SitePal has been proven to increase site traffic, conversions, loyalty and sales, and was named as one of the Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 companies and a 2006 Product to Watch by Small Business Technology Magazine. For more information log on to

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  1. Very interesting. Could this be perhaps used for creating 3D Avatar for toys? That would be a great addition to our toys for the Avatar Toys

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