Surge In Retail Start Ups Get Help

Seattle, Washington (PRESS RELEASE – December 18, 2009) – is now available. One stop; everything that’s needed. Finally! 2009 may result in the highest number of store closures in history. There’s been a blood-bath of retail failures, bankruptcies and downsizing. But, you know what, retailing is NOT DEAD! Not by a long shot.

Quite to the contrary, the Co-Founders of The Retail Owners Institute,, are expecting the highest number of retail start-ups surging up from the financial crisis that this country has ever seen. Why? “I’ll be darned if I’ll EVER again trust any employer with MY livelihood!!” Yes, people everywhere are more motivated than ever to be their own boss. And what has a low barrier to entry? Yep. Retailing! Opening a store! Turning a hobby into an income! “And look at all the great spaces that are available. And the rents are so cheap!” Until now, people jumped into opening a store with two things: their savings and a dream.

Now they have a third ingredient:, a one-stop website with links to everything from appropriate banks and attorneys to hundreds of books and financial benchmarks for 51 different retail segments. This one-stop “shop” has pulled together everything that some savings and a dream might be lacking.

As a companion site to The Retail Owners Institute,, Retail Startup is already assisting people worldwide to avoid mistakes and to better realize their dream. For inquiries or interviews, call 1-800-499-7531 Patricia M. Johnson and Richard F. Outcalt Co-Founders; The Retail Owners Institute® and 206-623-3973

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