100+ SMB Blogging Ideas

With so many social media studies showing that companies are looking to up their involvement in social activities this year, I thought I’d help cure that age-old “what should I blog about today?” question. Or at least give you a healthy head start for the year by providing 100+ potential blog topics for your small business blog.  Consider it my contribution to your yearly editorial calendar. I know you’re creating one, right?

So, here are some potential topics. Grab a pen and jot down your favorites. [Or maybe just hit Print.]

Focus on your Industry

  1. Write 10 ways your industry will change this year
  2. Break down the new laws that will affect your niche in the coming year
  3. Create a list of the best industry resources
  4. Talk about why things are better today (or not) than they were 10 years ago
  5. Attend industry events and blog about them
  6. Your best marketing tips
  7. How your industry is like Your Favorite TV Show [I suggest using Glee. Because that’s my favorite show.]
  8. The ugly truth about your industry
  9. The 8 people in your industry you want to meet
  10. What someone needs to consider before getting involved in your industry
  11. Comment on an industry-related conversation going on in LinkedIn or Google Groups
  12. Talk about the “thing” that would rock your industry if invented or put together
  13. Create a chart that breaks down a complicated industry issue or problem
  14. Interview someone well-known in your world and profile them
  15. Rewrite an old post with fresh eyes and new ideas
  16. Publish a presentation you gave somewhere else (with permission)
  17. Have a chat with a competitor and blog about it (again, with permission)
  18. Search Google News for relevant press releases and news about your industry. Write your own take.
  19. Debunk a long-standing myth
  20. Host a seminar or meetup and blog about
  21. Create a list of the 10 books that someone in your industry should read.
  22. Post about what you’d like to see fixed in your industry
  23. Conferences people in your industry should attend/speak at
  24. Your favorite untapped traffic sources in your industry
  25. Issues in your space that deserve more attention

Go Social

  1. How you’re using Twitter to increase earnings
  2. Post a video that has nothing to do with your industry but that you think people would enjoy.
  3. Post a picture. [Browse StumleUpon for inspiration]
  4. Participate in a blog meme like last month’s Best of 09
  5. Share the best social media campaigns you’ve seen, big and small
  6. Hold a contest and pit people against each other
  7. Create a poll. Blog the result.
  8. Invite a guest blogger to post on your blog
  9. How social media increased your ROI this year
  10. How social media did nothing but confuse you this year
  11. Search Delicious for popular posts on your topics and take a new stance
  12. Go to your industry’s Wikipedia page and see what people are talking about in the Discussions area. Comment on it on your blog.
  13. Post photos from your company party/team building workshop
  14. Find a question on Yahoo Answers or OnStartups and respond on your blog
  15. Create a list of the Must Follow Twitter people in your industry

About your Business

  1. Why you’re different (and better) than your competition
  2. A video tutorial showing how to use your most popular product
  3. The problems your sales people hear about most
  4. The answer to the most common email you get
  5. Share the tools do you use to do your job
  6. The secret ways to use your site/product
  7. The top 10 WordPress plugins you use on your site
  8. How you use your favorite social media site
  9. How you built your email list
  10. How you’re using Facebook
  11. Look at your site logs & answer customer questions
  12. How you delegate tasks (or what you mucked up by not delegating)
  13. Use Wordtracker’s Keyword Question Tool and answer popular questions
  14. Write about why you’re not using social media at all
  15. Answer questions left in your comment section
  16. Write about the personal branding tactics you use
  17. Give 5 reasons to sign up to your email newsletter
  18. How you learned to do what you do
  19. Create a list of your favorite X
  20. What you’re doing to beat the summer slump or winter blues
  21. Share a case study
  22. Provide an end of the week link roundup
  23. Review something
  24. Reveal the best niche blogs to guestblog for
  25. What keeps you up at night
  26. Share a time when you got it wrong in 2010
  27. Your strategies for coming up with blog topics.
  28. Branding tips that have worked for your business
  29. 50 reasons why someone should hire you
  30. 5 things people should be focusing on but aren’t
  31. What can other industries learn from yours

Highlight Your Customers

  1. Put the spotlight on your most active commenters
  2. Praise your best customers
  3. Post a question and let the community to answer it
  4. How customers can woo your customer service department for free stuff
  5. Give something away to one of your blog readers.
  6. Feature a video detailing a customer’s success with your product
  7. Share your biggest screw up with a customer and how you made it right
  8. Publish a customer testimonial
  9. Explain the benefits of being a customer
  10. Share local organizations you support and ask customers to share their favorites
  11. How customers can connect with you on social media
  12. Hold an event for Twitter followers to meet and blog it

Get Personal

  1. What have you read lately that inspired/angered you?
  2. Introduce your staff
  3. Share the best decision you made as a SMB
  4. Your biggest challenge as a SMB owner
  5. What you love best about being a SMB owner. What you don’t like.
  6. The danger of doing everything by yourself
  7. Write about the achievement you’re most proud of
  8. A time when you got it right in 2009
  9. Create a video introducing your team to your community
  10. Get your rant on
  11. How to remain productive working at home
  12. Introduce a new employee and what they bring to the table
  13. Share the local vendors you trust
  14. Give people a video tour of your building
  15. Describe your company culture
  16. Your new baby (whether that’s a real baby, a pet, a new project for 2010, the car you’ve been restoring for the past two years, etc)
  17. Share your company’s history or story
  18. Tell a story not about your company
  19. Share 10 things you’re thankful for
  20. What’s next for your company
  21. A list of your most trafficked posts

The point is, there are TONS of things for a small business owner to blog about and share with their audience.  Now that I’ve helped get the ball rolling, get to it. 😉

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Lisa Barone Lisa Barone is Vice President of Strategy at Overit, an Albany Web design and development firm where she serves on the senior staff overseeing the company’s marketing consulting, social media, and content divisions.

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Thanks Lisa. This is definitely print-worthy.

  2. Great list! I have already bookmarked it. 🙂

  3. Deborah Chaddock Brown

    Thanks Lisa for this great list of blog topics. I’ll definitely bookmark for repeated reference in 2010. I am reminded of Scott Ginsberg (Name Tag Guy) who also provides thought provoking lists. You are in good company!


  4. Thanks Lisa, This list will go up on my wall to be referred to when I am trying to figure our what my next post will be about. The cure for braincramp.

  5. Superb article! I will be sure to print this out and use it as roadmap for 2010!

  6. A well thought out and useful list, just about covers everything.


  7. Good list although isn’t it frowned upon to blog about your own business specifically?

    • Katie, I think the opposite: people want to read about your business. Not if you write about it ad nauseum and not if you sound arrogant, of course. But people are curious — we LOVE to know what’s happening in a business. For instance, one of my favorite parts of websites is the “About Us” page, especially if it’s creative and well done. — Anita

  8. Wow, this is the MOST comprehensive yet generic list I have seen. Most of the “big” lists of ideas apply only to the blogging or social media consulting businesses. This is the best I’ve seen that gives us ideas to use for actual small businesses in any industry who write a blog as part of their marketing/engagement efforts. Thank you! Printing, sharing and bookmarking!!

  9. Great list – I have tweeted it and emailed it to a few people with writers block. It’s a great resource. Thanks!

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  12. Penny Feigel, IAC-EZ

    Great list! This is an absolute must to help come up with ideas when your creativity is blocked. Thanks!

  13. According to the study, the most important tool for small businesses to succeed in 2010 is search engine marketing, while email marketing, public relations and social media cited as crucial for success.
    23.8% of all small businesses reported that search engine marketing was the tool most needed for their business to succeed in 2010.

  14. Lisa: Great list! I will go through it, point by point… I know that I will be able to find inspirational material for my new site and about page.

  15. RedHotFranchises

    Great stuff! Very valuable information, It will be a good idea to spend some time everyday to make the most out of these idea’s, as long as your determined and passionate for your blog niche, Success is Inevitable for 2010.

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    Thanks for the ideas.I sometimes have difficulties of coming up with great blogging ideas.I will bookmark this for sure.

  17. I think these are great suggestions – especially if someone is just starting out or feels a little stuck.

    I would add that the blogging idea(s) must be aligned with your audiences interest and your overall blogging objectives. Doing your keyword research to find the niche search terms that can generate traffic and that are not overly competitive would also be a good practice.

  18. Melissa O'Connor

    Great Post! 🙂 We are launching a new blog and there are some great ideas in this post.

    Thanks Again!

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  30. Great post, Lisa.

    How do you keep the hits coming.

    I’ll probably get my rant on a few time this year. You?

    The Franchise King

  31. Wow, Lisa, what a great list. We run a blog on roofing but I’m sure I can apply some of these ideas to our industry/market. Thanks a bunch!

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