50 Online Invoicing Apps for Small Businesses

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30 Online Invoicing Apps for Small BusinessesDo you struggle with sending out invoices or estimates to your customers each week or month? Make this the year you get your invoices online and done with less hassle by using Web-based technology.

UPDATED AS OF MAY 2011: We’ve now updated this post 17 months after the original publication date.  We’ve added more solutions based on reader suggestions.  And we’ve updated the original information to reflect changes in pricing.

Here are 50 small business online invoicing software applications to help you manage sending your customer bills out — and do it with less labor and at a reasonable cost. In some apps, I state “approximately” because I’m converting the rates into U.S. currency and thus the monthly fee might fluctuate slightly. There are 21 new additions and one removed from the original 30 (it went out of business).

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AcceptPay is a new electronic invoicing service from American Express. The full version AcceptPay is $30/month and integrates with QuickBooks, accepts online payments, ACH, and eChecks.  I was impressed to see American Express entering this marketplace and putting some of their muscle into an online invoicing and billing solution. (Note: American Express is a sponsor of this site.)

Ballpark is an online invoicing service that believes the key component of any customer relationship revolves around communication. So, their dashboard tracks the back and forth dialogue between you, your customer, and your team. They offer a free personal plan and the small biz plans start at $6/month.

BambooInvoice is a free open source invoicing software for small business and independent contractor types. You load it on your own servers; it is not hosted like most of the others listed here. It offers a good online support forum as well.  This is the only open source application I’ve seen in this space and it is one to watch for that reason.

BillingBoss is a completely free online invoicing tool aimed at both freelancers and small business. It is owned and sponsored by Sage Software (owner of SageCRM, Peachtree and many other apps) and is both an outreach by them to serve the small biz owner and a very soft plug for their other products (which doesn’t diminish its functionality and value, in my book).  A really cool thing is you can use your existing merchant account with their Payment Plus option for $5/month. Again, the main invoicing tool is free.

BillingOrchard offers a highly recommended Auto-Invoicing feature that customers often talk about, so their solution is ideal for those with recurring billing needs. They offer a 15-day free trial and then a lite version at $9.95/month and $14.95 for standard. When you use the auto-invoice features, there is an additional cost per month, by number of transactions.

Blinksale targets small businesses and creative professionals who want to send well-formatted invoices easily. They have one simple plan at $15/mo. It offers a free 15-day trial and integrates with Basecamp (the well known project management service).

CannyBill is a web-based billing and invoicing solution aimed at web designers or professionals, although it certainly has the features that most small business owners will want. It offers a fully functional free account with up to 10 invoices per month, then small biz plans start at $7/mo. Pricing ranges up to $29/month for the enterprise level. 30-day free trial.

Cashboard is a free financial time tracking service that lets you invoice, send estimates and accept payments online. They were quick to create desktop widgets for Mac and Windows as well as the iPhone so that you are not tied to a browser to manage your information. I found their pricing options just a bit confusing because most of the others listed here offer unlimited usage when you buy the paid version. With their “Dynamic” $10/month plan, you pay a bit extra for usage by employee and invoices. They offer a free for life plan, too.

CurdBee is online billing software for small business and freelancers. It offers a robust free level with unlimited invoicing and customers.  It allows you to accept Paypal and Google Checkout, too.  However, the free level invoices include a Curdbee logo, which seems fairly low key.  Curdbee Premium level is only $5 a month and lets you remove the Curdbee logo from emails and invoices.  The development team clearly thought about the customer with a demo that lets you take an in-depth look at the online invoicing service without even a trial. I give them a thumbs up for making it painless to learn more and for keeping it fast to make a decision.

Endeve positions itself as an invoice management service. It offers a forever free plan with an unlimited number of invoices and customers. The Professional Plan is $20/month and allows you to create Pay Now buttons with Paypal, customize your invoice layouts, and manage your expenses.

Enliven Software is for the larger small businesses out there. It is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Peachtree, and QuickBooks and automates accounts receivable and accounts payable processes for vendors and for customers. There was no pricing information available.

Freelance Total is now called Billing Click. Online invoicing meets project management with this app (it is an additional cost to add the PM module to the invoicing module). Their web-based software allows you to take a client-centric approach to invoices as you manage the project. Plans start at a limited forever free plan and then starts at $19/month.

Freshbooks is considered by many to be the market leader in Web-based online invoicing. It offers the standard features you’d expect, plus time tracking and the ability to manage subcontractors who are also working on your project. They integrate with other accounting and project management systems such as QuickBooks and Basecamp. They offer a fully free plan (some limitations) then plans start at $19.95/month.  I have personally used Freshbooks and have found their service was elegant and easy to use. They have thought (for a long time) about their customers’ needs. (2011 Note: I still use the product and still really like it.)

Invoice Journal is completely free. It doesn’t offer any pricing info and suggests it will be free forever.

The Invoice Machine is an elegant application. You can do all the standard online invoicing functions, but in the tour, I was impressed with the flexibility. You can add line items in your invoice manually or from the project time tracking tool with a few clicks. You can create an HTML email invoice or attach one as a PDF. They offer an always free plan; then paid plans start at $12/month.

InvoiceMore is an online billing and invoicing solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. It offers multiple features so that you can create, download, store, backup, print, and email PDF invoices to clients. You can track overdue balances. They offer a free plan; then only $15/month for an unlimited plan.

InvoicePlace is an easy online invoicing service. One of the things that caught my eye was the simple offer of showing a completed sample invoice, in what looks like a Microsoft Word document.  The tour explains the many features well. Free plan, then starts at $12/month.

Invoicera offers invoices, estimates, and client reporting that you can use to track by specific product or service. You can add team members to a client and track their invoicing as well. Free plans, up to $49/month.

Invoices Made Easy offers an online invoicing service exclusively for small service-oriented trades.  From landscapers to consultants, they offer the standard online invoicing options, but they also have an “EasyMail” service which will send your invoice via postal mail. Flat $9.95/month with 30-day free trial.

Invotrak is both an online invoicing and timesheet tracker. They offer good reporting tools as well as iPhone and iPod Touch apps. They have a limited Free plan up to an Unlimited plan at $45/month. It integrates with Basecamp.

LiteAccounting offers a free plan, then starts at $10/month. The dashboard shows three boxes front and center to keep you focused: Products/Services, Customers, and Invoices. They have a nice demo which answers most questions so you can decide without all the signup hassles.

Nett30 provides an online service for small businesses and contractors who need to make invoicing quick and user friendly. You can view real-time account summaries at any time. Send invoices as PDF, e-mail or have clients access them online. They have forever free plan, then starts at $13/month.

PaySimple is another market leader and focused on recurring online payments, including invoicing. The invoice product is called “Invoice Simply” and is runs $11/mo. They also offer online payments and they have a Merchant Account background, so their service is oriented at credit card payments, ACH, eChecks, and online payment forms. If you need the combination of merchant account and all the other pieces that you’ve read about here, they are worth a look.

Ronin is simple online invoicing product for freelancers all the way up to larger small businesses. Clients can log in to get their invoices or you can email them. You can try it out free without any worries of a time limit, but the free version is branded as powered by Ronin. After Free, plans range from $15/month up to $48/month.

SantexQ is a project management and time tracking tool that also lets you bill clients directly from the service. It offers web-based reporting, but also lets you export to Excel for customizing reports as you like. For a single user it is free, but limited, then only $9.95 per month for unlimited users.

Simplybill offers a clean interface and design to make the online invoicing process easy. The dashboard offers three tabs: Invoices, Quotes, and Clients. They offer the ability to keep in contact with your customers via reminders and thank you notes. There is the always-free account option, then starts at $5/month up to $25/month for premium. They have received excellent reviews and are worth a look.

Simplifythis is more than an online invoicing application. It starts with helping you book your appointments online and ties that data into the billing tool. It offers two services that start at $9/month: EasyBill and EasyBook. No credit card required for free 30 day trial. What I liked most about this service was that they have captured the attention of busy small biz owners who know something about technology or were not at all computer-savvy and still love the service. They have done of good job of making it useful for a range of skillsets and that’s not easy to do.

Simply Invoices follows their own name in concept for explaining what they do; they keep it simple. You can wrap your head around how they do things with a five step screenshot tour they offer, on one page. They offer a completely free plan then start at $9/month.

Winkbill offers a robust online invoicing app at the free level all the way up to their platinum plan for $39.95/month. You can put your own logo on invoices with the free plan, but you can’t send them as a PDF. Loads of eye-catching templates you can use, too.

21 New Additions from May 2011 Update:

Time59 is focused on the solo law practice and attorney. They offer a free 30-day trial and free mobile access (some services charge for this as an add-on fee). It has a $49.95/year flat rate.

Zencillo offers an invoice and billing product called Factura, which serves the Spanish speaking business owner. I used Google Translate to learn about the product in English. It starts at $25/mo for the basic plan.

Bill.com is both an online invoicing and collaborative workspace. It allows you to store documents there so your co-workers and accountant can see them.  They offer a 30-day free trial and then plans start at $19.99/m0. I liked that you could pay vendors by check, ePayment (ACH) or Paypal with a single click.

Ofuz is another hybrid — online invoicing meets project management. They even have an email and web form capability. Offers a generous free plan, then starts at $24/mo.

InvoiceDude is unique among web-based apps in that they offer a self-hosted option for those who want it on their own servers. The on-demand option is 100% free.  The self-hosted option starts at $75/one time fee.

myTooq designed with the small business in mind.  Plus, when many web-based apps are explaining how they can keep you out of spreadsheets, myTooq explains that it works best for those that can track their expenses in a spreadsheet and take their information to their accountant at year’s end.

LessAccounting looks and feels like an app to power a large enterprise, but its aimed at small business. The plans are built for those who want to go solo to those who want a bookkeeper. Pricing starts at $30/mo.

Billing Manager is an Intuit product, which says a lot. It is a completely free tool, web-based, and you can easily add merchant services to get paid by credit card.  I presume it will integrate with Quickbooks, but couldn’t find it stated on the site.

ReceivePay offers two products: Secure Invoicing lets you create payment-enabled invoices directly from QuickBooks® or Microsoft Word. The other product is a credit card payment software, so that people can pay you instantly from the invoice by credit card. No pricing information available without filling out a form.

Moobiz is a suite of business products from CRM to project management to marketing. Of course, it has an invoicing app with a 30-day free trial and then lowest plan starts at approximately $25/mo. You can add other apps as needed.

CheddarGetter gets points for a catchy, different name.  They are aimed at the micro-payments and subscription type businesses. It would work well with other types, but if you have a recurring payment take a closer look. Has a free plan, then starts at $39/mo.

InniAccounts is a full online acctg solution, with invoicing tools, but meant to be an end-to-end solution. You get software to use, but you also get an accountant services. Starts at $113/mo.

Send Invoice stands out in my mind. I remember them because their home page has a large UK postal box image and states — not every customer wants a PDF invoice… So, they’ll print it for you and mail it. Offers a free account, then $15/mo, but mailing invoices you have to pay for on any account.

Paperfree Billing impressed me with its fast sample. You enter your email and they send you a sample invoice. Plus, they promise they’ll just send the sample and no spam or drip marketing. Sweet. Offers a limited free plan, then plans start at approximately $15/mo.

Tools4Com provides a simple invoicing tool with a limited free version. In the upper left portion of the screen, look for your language of choice from French, German or English.

Smenta is a robust business application suite. It is meant for automating key business processes like Customer management, Product Management, Sales Quotes, Order Processing, Shipping, in addition to Invoicing. They offer a startup plan that is free, then plans start at $299. It wasn’t clear if it was monthly or a one time fee or annual.

Tradeshift is an online invoicing service. The home page talks about the social business network and the video implies a disruptive service. Once inside the dashboard, it was easy to create an invoice. If you are an international business, it might be worth a closer look as they are targeting an international supply chain. It is 100% free.

iComptroller lets you create Sales Invoices, generate Customer Statements, record customer payments and monitor your sales activities. Plus, you can sign in with your Google account.  No pricing info.

Snapbill states it is an online invoicing and automated billing solution. Automated billing is for those with recurring payments It has been getting rave reviews from customers and the media. Offers a free account, then starts at $12/mo.

ContraAccounts is an advertising supported online invoicing tool that is 100% free.  Actually, it is more of a full accounting system.

Billable is one of the most impressive and truly light solutions I’ve encountered in this space. It is a beta product. You come immediately to a blank, customizable invoice at their home page. No sign up, no pricing, just an invoice looking document that you tab through and enter your information. You can then save as a PDF or print it.  If you were without your computer, and needed to present an invoice asap, this would be a helpful little service to remember.

There you have it — a fair number of online invoicing and billing tools to help you save time invoicing your clients and customers.  I hope this reduces your search time to find that perfect solution and that if you’ve tried one of these that you’ll let me know in the comments.

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These are the online invoicing and billing apps priced for small businesses that we think you might want to check out.  Please note:  details about the small business online invoicing software apps are believed to be accurate as of the time of publication, but features and offerings may change over time. Always check the vendor’s website for up-to-date details.

Special thanks to Smartsheet for help in compiling this list for us with their Crowdsourcing service.  Let us know what you think.  Which small business online invoicing solution do you use in your company?


TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. This was a terrific overview of various invoice and billing solutions. However, you neglected to mention QuickBooks Online. Unlike the installed version, QB Online is entirely web-based, easy to use, covers most SMBs accounting needs (not just invoicing), includes automated (and customizable) invoices, as well as other features such as time reporting. The the “basic” subscription is only $9.95/month and the “plus” version is $35/month; you can get it for slighly less if you pay for a full year in advance.

    We’ve been using it successfully since we started five years ago and have been very happy with the service. It definitely should be added to the list to explore.

  2. We do more than just online billing with WORKetc.com. It combines CRM and Project Management wiht Billing.

    What this means is you never have to shuffle around data or pay for multiple software apps.

    Create timesheets from projects, attach expenses and sell subscription product and all have it compile against your client in the billing manager. AND then automatically track payment dates and create reminder notices.

    So – no double entry and painful synching between employees and/or your project management software. Do it all in one with WORKetc.com

  3. Thank you for listing Invoiceplace!

  4. There’s also http://www.inniaccounts.co.uk for UK contractors and freelancers, it’s a full online accounting application that includes invoicing.

  5. Thank you very much for having listed our http://www.cannybill.com app.

  6. What a wonderful wealth of resource! Thanks for sharing this comprehensive list, I will definitely dive into them.

  7. I really love http://www.freshbooks.com, one of the best invoicing apps available i think, and what is really cool it is integrated with the project management tool we use – http://www.comindwork.com

  8. Great round up TJ! Also worth checking out is Moobiz, http://www.moobiz.com

    With Moobiz you also get a complete business management system, from CRM and project proposal generation to invoicing and accounting, all working seamlessly together.

    No more logging in and out of apps to get things done!

    Pricing starts at

  9. Nice list .. thanks for sharing.

    Also check the following link, it will be relevant to readers here;

    The Marathon List of Project Management & Collaboration Tools

  10. Great round-up. I use FreshBooks and find it superb.

  11. Thanks for the plug Dave 🙂

    That’s right, we offer a full online accountancy service for contractors and freelancers. Our (FREE!) online accounting and bookkeeping app includes invoicing, as well as time tracking, payroll, banking, etc.

    We think it’s everything you need to run your freelancing or contracting business in one place.

    Check us out at http://www.inniaccounts.co.uk!


    • Hi James,
      I just checked your site and its not free.

      Am looking a FREE online accounting platform, do you know of any?

      • There is a new Australian freebie or a rewrite of an oldie – but it is free. Trouble is at this stage it only suits Australian businesses with a GST style tax. This will soon change I am led to believe. http://www.ozinvoice.com

    • Hi,

      Not sure if that information is correct? i have followed the link to inniaccounts and the package costs £69 per month. Software looks fab but at £69 per month its a bit different to having an advertisement for software that is free.


  12. Thanks to all for the great comments and for pointing out apps I missed. In many or most cases, we were focused on Invoicing specific apps only — as just last month we did Online Accounting Apps for Small Businesses. I appreciate your input and ideas. Thank you.

  13. TJ: Great list! I bet it must been helpful to use Smartsheet’s crowdsourcing as a help to compile the list.

  14. Great list TJ
    I guess from an accounting point of view I agree with a number of the blog comments which refer to the books of a small business being more than just getting the invoices out. Too many small business have little idea on the metrics of their business nor their business model and as a result can work really hard for very little overall syustainable return.
    Having said that though, if you don’t get your invoices out on time and efficiently you won’t ever have to worry about metrics because you’ll be broke!!

  15. The article gives a comprehensive list of various web-based software tools meant for small enterprises to get rid of the hassles associated with invoicing and billing to the customers, and hence makes itself a must read for them. All the software applications mentioned make the work cost effective, involving less labour.

  16. This is a great list. A great starting point for small businesses looking for an online invoicing application. With the additional services mentioned in the comments, it becomes a little overwhelming. Is there any other resource that provides user ratings and/or comparisons?

  17. Great list, but where’s Intuit’s free online invoicing product? Billing Manager. Completely free online invoicing (no limits) AND it is in the QuickBooks family. So you just export and your data is in QuickBooks when you are ready. Better still – we have that integrated payments option, so small businesses can accept payments online and have it seamlessly integrate with their tracking data. Customers are going nuts for it. https://billingmanager.com

    Kristen Berman
    QuickBooks and Billing Manager Product Manager

  18. I am exploring the Billing Boss option at the moment. Looks pretty good so far.

  19. Thanks for the great review and mention about Billing Boss. Our model is to keep Billing Boss free in terms of the number of invoices and customers you send to and manage. Our new feature Payment Plus now supports Moneris, E-xact, Authorize.net, Cybersource and BeanStream so if you have one of these merchant accounts – you can use it to get paid online with Billing Boss. Its a great feature and helps small businesses capture all their payments into one merchant account as well as reduce costs associated to managing multiple merchant accounts!

    Thanks again!

    Peter Liao
    Billing Boss

  20. This is a great list. Who knew there were that many e-invoicing services.

    I didn’t see ReceivePay on the list…

    ReceivePay is an integrated payments solution for businesses using QuickBooks or Microsoft Word as an invoicing and accounting package.

    ReceivePay is built into the drop down menu of QuickBooks and top ribbon of MS Word allowing you to quickly create and send click-and-pay invoices. This allows you to receive payment electronically, quickly; increasing your cash flow position.

    You should check out how ReceivePay can help you.

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  22. Hi, this is such an informative post!

    I noticed you didn’t include LessAccounting.com ,we’re a perfect solution for small biz&e’re more than just invoicing, we even have bank integration too.

    Check us out at http://Lessaccounting.com and we’d love to hear your thoughts about it! 🙂

  23. very nice list. I also found another online invoice app very complete and well designed for Spanish speakers (or readers I should say). http://www.zencillo.com

    • Do you know any application which would be good for a croatian speakers? Its very difficult to find any, except Invoice Ocean and Invoice4u. They are absolutely same but they dont translate properly so I am searching for better one.

  24. Time59 (http://www.time59.com) is fully compatible with the iPhone Mobile Safari web browser and the Android web browser. You can create and e-mail invoices directly from your smartphone.

  25. Philippe Lewicki

    There is a new invoicing application:
    Ofuz (http://www.ofuz.com), its clean simple and integrated with my contact and project management.

    The best of all it will soon be available in Open Source.

  26. During my research into a new billing system for my adventure travel business I came across SnapBill. http://www.snapbill.com – an online billing and service provisioning system.

    The system is comprehensive, affordable and has a high degree of automation. It allows me to manage my clients, issue and track invoices/quotes, receive up to the minute stats and set recurring charges. SnapBill also manages my communications with clients and allows me to receive and process payments.

    SnapBill integrates fully with my brand – all my invoices and web based order forms are completely customized. I’ve been very happy with the service and support I have received from SnapBill – it’s definitely worth a look too.

  27. I use http://www.invoicedude.com, I think it’s the best free online invoicing application on internet so far.

  28. I’d like to throw our name into the ring here. We are still in beta, but http://myTooq.com allows you to create online invoices and send them in pdf format to your clients. You can also have multiple users access your account to create invoices and while the beta is unlimited free use, our pricing, when we do start charging, is quite inexpensive.

    We will also be adding estimates and sales receipts to the product in the several weeks, along with some reports and a few other features.

    Thanks for this post and the space to comment.

  29. I’d also like to add http://www.paperfreebilling.co.uk to the list, its been recently redesigned, relaunched and is much slicker than the original http://www.paperfreebilling.com version!!

    Check it out, value for money and excellent functionality as well as the unlimited free trial!

  30. Vito Gamboa Briones

    As a small business you really can’t afford to waste time on invoicing. I’ve started several companies, and the first thing I do is sign up for one of these services – usually starting out on the free account and then moving to a paid one when volume picks up! My favorites are http://sendinvoice.co.uk (Europe), http://freshbooks.com (US), and http://invoicera.com (India)

  31. TOOLS4COM OIS is an online invoicing system, reproducing all the essential features of an invoicing desktop application.
    You can generate and manage :
    Estimates, delivery notes, proforma invoice, invoices ans refund ….

    Your can use the free version, you juste need to subscribe..

    tools4com.com are creating a viable alternative for small and medium companies and independent workers who prefer the use of online applications, that give them the flexibility of accessing their data and functionalities from anywhere.


  32. Smenta is an apt solution for small & medium enterprises.

    It provides complete & detailed invoicing, quotes/estimates, following up their status, tracking payments & receipts.

  33. Siim @ Online Small Business Suite

    You did a good job nailing that list. To update it a bit, you should add Tradeshift to it.

  34. We’ve recently launched iComptroller, an invoicing application that also handles payment tracking, cost tracking, cash management, reporting and other basic accounting tasks. It is designed to take the pain out of financial management in a small business environment. Check out iComptroller.

  35. Busy Bee Invoicing

    If you want something that runs on your computer, Mac, P.C. & Linux


  36. I have been using Invoicera for almost a year now and intend to use it further. Great application and features, but above all excellent support. Check out their service at http://www.invoicera.com

  37. We have just launched SnapBill. SnapBill is an online invoicing and automated billing system that allows you to easily sell your services online. SnapBill is perfect for businesses requiring an automated recurring or subscription billing system with payment collection facilities.

    Check it out at http://www.snapbill.com.

  38. Well it is really appreciating because nowadays many people prefer online services specially in case of billing for any business

  39. I see you have a few billing systems on your list – I’d suggest putting CheddarGetter up there too! CheddarGetter is a simple and flexible online recurring billing service, and can be used by a wide range of businesses. Its features include multiple pricing plan options, a custom payment gateway, PayPal integration, robust analytics, and a thoroughly documented API (among others). Best of all, it has a free membership available, and is really easy to use. I definitely recommend it!

  40. You can have all this for free at contraccounts.com

  41. I just started using BookingInvoice.co.uk a few weeks ago and so far I’m amazed by the ease of use.

  42. Hi TJ,

    Since you last updated we have also added invoicing to our time and project tracking app. Maybe you’d like to consider it on your next update. Check it out at Yanomo.com.

    Joost Schouten

  43. Thank goodness for a quality article and and good old Google. It’s a great stepping off point and has saved me a lot of upfront work. I’ll be researching the options tonight

  44. Hi TJ,

    Great roundup, could you please have a look at our product Insight, it is a business management application that I believe is worthy of your list 😉

    You can see it @ arquila.com – if you have any question about the product please let me know.

    Many thanks

  45. Hi,
    Can you please include Beejak.com in your list.

  46. For my Online Invoicing, im using BillGrid.com. Its a great invoice payment software. I can create Invoice templates, set invoice due dates, invoice follow ups, track all my expenses and finally get Paid from all my clients!!
    Billgrid is very easy to use and professional and secure, I just added all my clients and billgrid does all the invoice payment follow ups for me.

  47. Great article, and thanks for providing this information. But there is one thing missing from all the online discussions of these invoicing and payment services: deliverability. All the bells and whistles are wonderful, but if emails from the service never make it to the inbox of your customer for payment – what good are they? What’s an old school solution to the problem – how about faxing? Not a single one of the electronic payment services mentioned has an alliance with one of the dozens or hundreds of web-based fax services. Why can’t I have a checkbox in my control panel giving me the option of sending the invoice by fax for an extra 10 cents per invoice?

    I am a current Acceptpay (Simplepay) customer. Great idea, decent price, a comfort that a huge financial company (American Express) is involved. But the majority of my customers don’t receive emails from Acceptpay (still can’t determine where they are going, and I can’t call every customer every time they are invoiced and ask them to check their spam folder). In addition, many COPIES of invoices that are supposed to be sent to MY inbox don’t arrive, and they are definitely not in my spam folder. Acceptpay says their systems indicate the invoices were sent, and it’s out of their hands. Leaving my company to wonder if the invoices have been received by our customers – can’t get paid if the invoice never arrives there.

    I understand that none of these services can guarantee email delivery. But they could offer other options – like faxing. Or how about the ability to send an sms text alerting the customer to look for their invoice in fax or email? A few services WILL send your invoice via snailmail for an extra charge. So if you have a customer who just doesn’t ever receive the email from your billing service for some reason – at least you know to set that customer up with fax, text or snailmail.

    Possibly the billing service can request a return receipt to the emailed invoice. That would at least let me know which customers I have to check on, to find out if they did indeed receive the invoice.

    I am testing a free account with one of the other providers mentioned on this list. So far, not all of my test emails sent through the system have arrived at the destination inboxes. Deliverability is the Achilles heel of this kind of service.

  48. You should try –

    This is the easy way to issue an invoice for free!!!!
    Highly recommend!!!

  49. I prefer ballpark.com. It is the best collaborative online invoicing service which is very helpful for my business.

    Thanks for your post i will also try other invoicing software listed above.


  50. Check out http://www.invoiceASAP.com. It’s a free cloud-based mobile invoicing platform that allows users to easily create and send invoices and estimates from their mobile device. In addition, users can embed media (photos, audio, attachments, etc.) and accept mobile payment. Everything is backed up to the Cloud for secure storage and can sync with QuickBooks. The basic app is free.

  51. Here’s another invoicing app. Busy Bee Invoicing
    Receive all future software updates free. No monthly fees.
    Runs on, Mac, P.C. & Linux

  52. I’d suggest also checking out Paago Invoice (http://www.paagoinvoice.com) I signed up with them about 2 months ago and it’s been great. Allows me to send e-invoices and accept payment over the internet or even by phone or in person.

  53. Can anybody recommend free software for both quotations and invoices with the following requirements:
    – Needs to be an android app or have a very mobile friendly web interface that can be operated from a phone.
    – Needs a consistent numbering system

  54. And to add to my above query, It would need to have the option of billing in South African Rand Currency and be able to add lines such as Discounts and VAT

  55. Check out this top 35 online invoicing apps ranked by worldwide popularity http://www.appappeal.com/apps/invoicing/

  56. Hi guys,

    You might want to check out Salestastic too. It’s just been launched and there is a free for life sign up option. It’s perfect for small businesses.

  57. Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know that InvoiceJournal (www.invoicejournal.com) is alive and well, with new features on the way. It is quick, simple and free!


  58. Hi, Check out also new online invoicing app InvoiceOcean ( http://InvoiceOcean.com ) It’s easy to use and it’s also for free.

  59. So it looks like sage billing boss is now closing up shop (14th dec 2012)
    This was perfect for me as it sent automated recurring monthly invoices and I could create PDF invoices manually too

    I only send about 10-15 invoices a month
    Are there any alternatives out there that are free like billing boss?

  60. “So it looks like sage billing boss is now closing up shop”

    Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of invoicing services come and go since I created http://www.ezInvoice.com. It was the very first fully featured web based invoicing solution when released it in 2002.

    ezInvoice has been in service for over 10 years now, that’s longer than any of the other services listed here. We’ve been improving the software this entire time, so it does a lot more than invoicing now…

    [Edited by Editorial team]

  61. We’ve just launched our online billing service based on the Salesforce platform: http://www.billing-made-easy.com. It can be used with all Salesforce CRM editions and also as a standalone online up. Our goal is to provide integrated billing processes without any manual efforts.

  62. I like this post! These are a cool softwares but I have found one that is easier to use. You can find it here: 1clickbusiness.com. It is perfect for those (like me) who are not too experienced in technical details. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and I haven’t had any problem with it yet.


  63. I think Paymo should also be considered in this apps list, I personally know a bunch of people that use it, even VA’s

  64. Have a look at http://www.datamoto.com. It provides complete solution for invoice, quote and beyond.

  65. Check out InvoiceClub (www.invoiceclub.co.uk). A brand new service coming out of Scandinavia. Just released!

  66. It was launched only days ago, but it looks very promising. Very easy to work with.

    Check it out: http://www.morebills.com


  67. I use Salestastic. It’s actually pretty good. If you don’t invoice too often there’s a free for life plan too. Worth checking out: http://www.salestastic.com

  68. Check out Sale n’Go (www.salengo.com). A new online e-invoicing system coming from 360 interaction with users, multi currency, multi language (in English and French for now) and a lot of options… A MUST HAVE !

  69. Another good option for invoicing and time tracking is BlueSky (http://blueskyapp.com), it’s a fairly new application from what I see but I’ve been trying it out for the last few weeks and it seems good. One major benefit is it’s completely free at the moment, so that’s a big bonus in my book.

  70. I’m a freelance designer and developer and wasn’t happy with any of the big name invoicing apps out there. I tried the big two big ones but they always felt like there were way to many options for my simple needs.

    I decided to build Scoreboard (http://getscoreboard.com) as a simple way to track time and expenses; create simple estimates; and invoice clients. With Scoreboard you can download or email invoices to clients, or you can give clients access to pay invoices online via PayPal.

  71. Excellent Roundup, TJ!

    The only two items listed here that are explicitly self-hosted are BambooInvoice and InvoiceDude. Are these the only two that fit this criterion? I’m uncomfortable with adding this kind of data to anyone’s servers except my own, but I do need something browser based…and yes, I do have my own server in a colo in a datacenter to support this requirement.



  72. With the increasing demand of mobile and tablet in the world today, it is necessary to have online invoicing app for all kinds of small businesses. Small business cannot afford big invoice systems and this will help them handle their business efficiently.

  73. I’d be happy to suggest 100% free invoicing service at fetchflow.com. You can easily create invoices, estimates and purchase orders and email them in PDF format. You can create recurring invoices, or use an API to automate your process, and you can integrate payments with Paypal. Hey.. what else can a person ask for free? 🙂

  74. I have been using simple invoicing from spryinvoice.com. It’s not complex and easy to pick up. There is no signup so I can create invoices really quickly.

  75. Dear Sir
    Thanks much for your thorough list of online invoice tools. It helped me to pick a couple of them for my needs. Much appreciate it!


  76. Hello. I’m in the field of reviewing invoicing apps as well as running our own, so thanks for the list!

    I’d like to drop our name here as well. It’s BeachCandy, and we offer quick cloud based invoicing.


  77. Thanks for the suggestions! I would like to add to this list also.

    Invoiced (invoicedapp.com)

    It is free, quick, and requires no signup.

  78. Try Intilivoice it’s an online billing option that only charges $1.00 dollar per-invoice Besides the 2.9% that Pal-Pal charges so it makes it vary competitive. It’s at http://www.Intilivoice.com

  79. Nice post! My name is Pol and I’m part of the FacturaDirecta team: A tool for invocing and manage expenses in the cloud. Please take a look to our site:



  80. Hi, Just got an email from these guys, http://billfor.it I’ve had an account with them for a while but haven’t used it for weeks. Turns out they were working on a relaunch, sent myself an invoice and a quote and worked like a charm.



  81. Great list! Really useful resource for small businesses.

    I work for FreeAgent (www.freeagent.com) and I’d like to suggest another invoicing service for consideration.
    We’ve just launched a new online invoicing tool called Invoice-o-matic – http://invoiceomatic.io/ – which is specifically designed to help startups, small businesses and freelancers. It’s 100% free, with no hidden costs or limits, enabling users to easily create and send invoices online. It even sends users an email reminder when their payment deadlines have passed, to remind them to chase unpaid invoices.

    See it in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFrqM803EIQ



  82. TJ, thank you for listing various Accounting system, do you have recommendation for a new small 501(c)(3) approved non profit organization.


  83. Thank you, TJ

  84. Yes, this would be a great solution for all invoicing issues. I started using a invoicing and billing tool when I had issues with bills and invoice management.

    One of my friend recommended Replicon(http://www.replicon.com/time-bill), which helped me with all my billing and invoicing issues.

  85. Tycoon SMB PRO, an android based application works both on mobile and tablet, carry wherever you go, on spot invoice & billing, very user friendly and very helpful for small and medium business people in this highly competitive world! I use and I highly recommend…can be downloaded from Google play area for a minimum price!


  86. Update – Datamoto (http://datamoto.com) invoice and billing is Free now. Excellent order management.

  87. You should add Invoiceberry (invoiceberry.com) on the list because it is a great software for small business and freelancers. They are well-known for the great customer service.

  88. Hello, this list is really great, but I miss http://www.1clickbusiness.com

    It is new online business management software with lots of advantages. You can manage your invoices easily, create professional proposal with few clicks or overview your payments. Anyway, you can check your company performance with their useful tools. You can try it for free, especially great for small or medium companies.

  89. Nice list.

    Keepek is a new web app for online invoicing. Our team has been working on it for the past few months. It is also perfect for travel expense management.

    We hope small business owners will like it.

  90. Thank you! This is a great list of online invoicing software. I’ve tried many accounting web apps, but my choice is http://inv24.com/
    It’s very easy to use and it’s free!

  91. I use Flexina inainvoices : http://en.myflexina.com/
    Very practical.

  92. Lovely list. Hope our upcoming app http://invoize.in will be an instant for many. We tried to make it real simple. It’s far future focused and will allure all small bizs.

    We want to make it the future of invoicing. One can signup to be amongst the 1st 500 to get access.

    And we’ll reveal the price in few days and it’ll be really awesome.

    Will all a success in their ventures 🙂

    • Great compilation of invoicing tools!

      I’m actually trying to decide which software would work for my business. So far I’ve narrowed it down to 4: freshbooks, quickbooks, paypanther and zoho. I know paypanther and zoho provide CRM as well, which could definitely be beneficial.

      Any thoughts?

  93. This is a great list but the list is a little out-dated (it was written in 2010 and it’s 2014). One of the newer online invoicing apps is PayPanther –> http://www.paypanther.com/. PayPanther offers the invoicing feature and a lot more features as well, and it’s free and easy to use.

  94. What used to be a manual process for you is now automated with the web-based task management system SQRES. SQRES makes it easy to email your customers estimates and invoices and provide them with status updates on a particular project. It’s a perfect app for people on the go, especially field-service technicians who need to close out customers’ tickets right from a job site. SQRES helps you create, assign and manage tasks and even allows for mobile access so that you can check them from your desktop, smartphone and tablet anytime, anywhere.

  95. We are using Olivebox.net a powerful and simple cloud solution for invoicing and marketing. I really recommend it to any small company or entrepreneur or freelancer. We are issuing estimates and invoices, we are tracking payments and also we track our expanses. I need to say, that marketing module that you get for free is really powerful and you can create state of the art e-mail newsletter with easy to use e-mail designer (just drag and drop).

  96. Try http://www.inqonto.com
    It offers a free plan for 15 invoices/yr and extended plans including automated reminders and recurring invoices for good value. I very much like the assets module saving me tax money on yearly depreciation cost for my computer, software, cameras and objectives.

  97. I am using Servicejoy.com for past year and I’m super happy. Give it a try!

  98. The expense reporting tool from Replicon can also be considered as it is meant for a better expense management, invoicing and billing approach as well.Can we have the same as well in the list mentioned above? Here is the link to the same – http://www.replicon.com/olp/expense-reports.aspx

  99. Great article TJ, very informative! I’d like to make a suggestion. Try PayPanther. One of the best free online invoicing tools on the market.

  100. If your looking for a complete small business accounting app checkout mine too 😉 Monchilla.com

  101. Awesome list, but for those that are looking for a full arabic invoicing software (neither of 50), take a look to https://aliphia.com/ar/

  102. Hi,

    I want to suggest Billbooks here.

  103. You can go for curdbee.com . is a free invoices, track time and expenses, and accept online payments.

  104. Zachary Weinstock

    I agree with people posting about PayPanther. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it. It has invoicing and a bunch of other features, all in one easy-to-use interface. Plus, it’s free to try. My business runs much more smoothly now. Highly recommended!

  105. we have a tool for account SMEs with spanish language. http://www.contamoney.com/. We hope you enjoy it.

  106. Hey i think you should also check out http://www.365invoicing.com as this is a new entrant and has no adverts inside and is relatively free for first 6 months and has a quite a good list of features and i was even told about the future list in line as well. Really good to add to your list too.

  107. Has anyone tried 365 invoicing ? http://www.365invoicing.com
    Lots of features FREE version and there is also a low cost annual fee.

  108. Do try AndInvoice from the PlayStore! I think it deserves a mention for small and medium businesses who are looking or an inexpensive solution.

  109. If you want to invoice from your mobile phone, you should really check out http://www.rubyinvoice.com. Send unlimited invoices for free, accept payments by credit card with Swipe, setup reminders for overdue invoices, are among other features I find really helpful.

  110. I suggest invoiceape.com which was a recommendation from my friend. It creates amazing quotes and invoices for me instantly. Before that, I have to use Illustrator and spend a hour on it.

  111. Hey guys,

    Great list. We created http://www.minterapp.com and would love feedback on our product. Let us know!

  112. I am a freelancer and the one I allways use for invoicing is http://invoiceatonce.com

    It doesnt require login. Just the invoice template, you edit it and get the pdf.


  113. You can also try out http://invoice-app.com

    It has a mobile time tracking app, recurring invoices, online payments and bookkeeping for small businesses.

    Also, it’s very cheap.

  114. I also noticed new website which has invoice templates if you need them (blankinvoice.org)

  115. Thanks Jason,

    Nevertheless, it is always good to centralize all invoices – most of sites do it now and remember that, as a professional, your client may asked for a quote, or purchase order (depends of the structure) – you need then to be organize.

    I use personnaly http://www.salengo.co.uk who provides me a lot of tools : contact management, invoicing ‘workflow’ – including auto followup (nice !) and reporting (my accountant is happy).

    Worth to try, it’s free


  116. I actually see more than 30 invoicing resources here(30 from the author and almost 300 from the comments :))

    But, I would always prefer using free tools as there wont be any hassles related to payments or money or any kinda periodic bargains.

    We use Zylot invoicing (http://www.zylot.com) for billing and invoicing as its completely free and effective. We are an SMB invoicing and earning money by spending nothing. 🙂

  117. For UK users I would suggest using


    because it’s FREE and brilliant!!

  118. Great list. thank you for sharing

  119. I use waveapps.com for all my billing, invoice and estimate needs. Completely free. It should be up there. Sync your business bank account and mark invoices as paid when payments is actually received to your account. They also provide complete accounting service. There is a fee if you would like to use payroll. Other then that everything is free.

  120. Avaza is now one of the fastest growing cloud invoicing software products for small business.
    Recommend you take a look!

    It’s the only product with integrated project management, timesheets, expenses, quotes & invoices all available on mobiles, tablets & desktops.

  121. Great list. I’ve been using https://www.zoho.com/invoice/, extremely helpful for prioritizing my client payments. I’ve also been using https://www.job-flex.com/, I’ve been using them for some of my contracting projects.

  122. I would like to recommend a new invoicing service 1Click Invoice.

    It’s extremely fast and easy-to-use. You can create professional looking quotes, invoices and credit notes, and email them in PDF format with a few clicks. You can manage your customers, inventory and payments, track unpaid and overdue invoices, customize invoices, view various reports etc.


    See it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utoClTgkWD4

  123. Please check http://obaas.com and include this in your list. This is more suitable for small businesses.

    About Obaas: OBAAS is an Online Billing and Accounting Software for all small businesses. There is no recurring monthly fee charged to bill your own customers. Host OBAAS on your own server and start billing your customers instantly for single or multiple companies.

  124. Can you please add http://www.cantorix.com to the list. We are fairly new and have designed a simple and fast online invoicing application.

  125. I just wanted to suggest PayWhirl as an automated invoicing solution… You just put all your customers on payment plans and it handles all the hard work of charging the cards, handling failed, payments, etc.


    PS. They have a free plan (no monthly fees) where they just take 2% of the transaction for startups.

  126. Great list. I’ve been using Chargebee which is very easy to use and highly configurable app for invoice management on Appexchange.
    ChargeBee is an easy to use recurring billing and invoicing solution for online businesses. It lets you automate your recurring billing, manage subscriptions at scale and access metrics that matter.

    Here are the features that it supports:-

    1. Powerful Subscription Management
    2. Quick Launch & Setup
    3. Agile Billing Management
    4. Powerful Insights & Analytics
    5. Simple Integrations and Plugins and Much More…

  127. One of the coolest user interface I experienced and their invoicing formats are very flexible, try


    It’s not just invoicing with them, they have all of it packed in one: manage clients, manage vendors, expenses tracking, estimates, accounting, CRM, reporting ….

  128. A great list – thanks for sharing!
    I am a small business owner myself and I can say that cloud accounting is working great for me.
    Since there are a lot of products out there I was long searching for the right one, but eventually I came across MoneyPenny.me. It’s online, saves me a lot of time and I can do the entire bookkeeping with it. Top!

  129. Slickpie(http:www.slickpie.com) free accounting software is a great option for online invoicing. It is new and completely free to use. Here are some awesome features:
    Get Paid Faster
    Compatible on all devices
    Simple & Fast
    Bank Reconciliation
    Financial Report & Taxes
    Purchase orders & Inventory (Coming Soon)

  130. This is worth appreciating that you have mentioned so many software. Can you please provide a specific list of the software having excellent customer base. Like I was reading other Articles and many times Invoicera is being highlighted frequently. Also, they are providing free trail version before subscription. Can you review specific software on the basis of their reviews, complaints etc.

  131. Great round-up. I use FreshBooks and find it superb.

  132. This is appreciating and it’s totally worth as you have mentioned so many applications regarding the invoice. I also use FreshBooks and find them superb and informative. I have been through some of the apps before, they were quite helpful. I would like to thank you for sharing such wonderful blogs with us. Keep up the good work.

  133. So I was looking for an Invoicing app for my business online and I came across this article, I really like how you have mentioned a lot of apps that I could use along with a small description about each app along with the price and the free trial period, which makes it easier in comparing these apps. I really appreciate your efforts and time put in this article, it was really helpful for me.

  134. You can apply for loans on any site but we provide the best

  135. kudos to efforts of creating such a beautiful compilation
    really informative

  136. great list. really a good compilation

  137. kudos for a great article.

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