Becoming Your Own Business Coach

Chicago (PRESS RELEASE – January 4, 2010) – Dr. George Watts announced that his new book, “Becoming Your Own Business Coach” will be released in February of 2010.

Nationally recognized authority on leadership development, talent management, consultant and author Dr. Watts, who has advised major corporate divisions of Dell, Motorola, Ameriprise Financial, Adecco, Harrah’s, BancPlus, Marquard & Bahls AG and Sears, details his executive coaching method distilled from decades of experience advising America’s top corporate executives in his book “Becoming Your Own Business Coach.”

Dr. Watts has also worked with scores of entrepreneurial firms that have been developed into fast growth companies which were successfully sold. He partners with venture capital firms in helping them in due diligence analyzing the leaders of acquisitions.

Dr. Watts stated, “An executive’s greatest challenge is to consistently make good decisions in the difficult and brutal world of ever-increasing quarterly result expectations. The ability to successfully cope with the stress of those expectations while getting to the heart and fire of strategic issues takes knowing and understanding yourself at the deepest personal level.”

“In my book, ‘Becoming Your Own Business Coach’, I discuss clear, practical ways executives can grow through introspection and self-awareness. Self-coaching, done right, can reveal and refine skills and abilities, raise one’s emotional intelligence, and translate inspiration into innovation.”

The core premise of Dr. Watts’ approach in his book is both straightforward and enlightening: The deeper and better you understand yourself, the more successful an executive you will become.

In his book, Dr. Watts guides the reader through the process with open-ended questions, straightforward concepts, short personality tests and real-life case examples to deepen their understanding of what drives their core values. Dr. Watts’ engaging, refreshing and innovative style helps readers become their own change agents.

“Self-management is the key to executive success and this book is an important and useful introduction to coaching yourself to excellence,” commented Dr. Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California, and author of “On Becoming a Leader”.

Ultimately “Becoming Your Own Business Coach” helps the reader to internalize the self-knowledge that optimizes the skills and strategic thinking necessary to transform into greater creativity and productivity and sets the table to perform the best when it matters the most.


Dr. George Watts is the founder and managing director of AST Management, a Chicago based talent management firm. George has 20 years experience in executive coaching, leading corporations, and has interviewed and assessed more than 5,000 executives. His education and unsurpassed experience has allowed him to develop a keen eye to deliver world-class leadership coaching and training programs, organizational development and team building. Dr Watts has extensive real-world leadership experience as an executive vice president of two companies and CEO of a public company.

George graduated from William and Mary with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a strong emphasis in assessment and organizational development. His first book, “Power Vision” guided executives through unlocking their potential. With his newest book, “Becoming Your Own Business Coach”, he takes readers to the next level and helps them lay the foundation for their greatest success. Dr.Watts has published journal articles and currently is a board member of the Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM).

Becoming Your Own Business Coach By Dr. George Watts; Praeger Publishing, February, 2010;
ISBN-10: 0313383618; ISBN-13: 978-0313383618; Hardcover; $34.95.

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