Billeo Offer Assistant’s Discounts Earn Shoppers Cash Back from Microsoft Bing

Santa Clara, California (PRESS RELEASE – January 31, 2010) – Billeo ( – a suite of Online Assistants that save people time and money in all types of online transactions, from shopping to bill pay – today expanded its Offer Assistant to include deals from Microsoft’s Bing cashback. Discounts and deals from more than 1,200 Bing cashback retailers will help shoppers find the best available offers on the Web, even when searching on Google and Yahoo! The updated Offer Assistant also lets users select the top three debit and credit card loyalty programs they use – so they can track specials from the loyalty programs offered by American Express, Visa, Bank of America and Chase. The end result is some of the country’s biggest companies putting dollars back into shoppers’ pockets, without requiring any work or change in behavior.

Billeo and Bing are a natural fit. As Bing vies for customers in the Google-dominated world of search, it has created the cashback program to add value to its service. By paying users a percentage of the merchant-funded rewards, it offers great deals on millions of products from over a thousand brand-name stores shoppers know and trust.

For the first time ever, online shoppers can find Bing cashback offers
outside the Bing search engine and right within their Google and Yahoo!
search results. Billeo adds these high-value offers to those already
highlighted in the Offer Assistant, letting shoppers choose from – and in
some cases combine – the loyalty rewards from over a thousand of the top online retailers. Such a double dip helps shoppers earn double rewards with their credit cards and Bing cashback for even more savings.

“Generally, coupon and deal sites don’t pay users enough back for the work they need to do to find offers. Bing’s cashback is an exception, and Billeo’s Offer Assistant makes it even easier and more valuable. We’re now the only online tool that highlights Bing cashback offers, confirms your account to guarantee savings, and guides you through the entire purchase process,” said Murali Subbarao, Founder & CEO of Billeo, Inc. “This addition allows us to deliver more offers from more merchants than ever before. And best of all, consumers can get them all for free.”

Add the new Loyalty Program Selector, which lets users pick and prioritize their loyalty programs, and only the most relevant offers appear within their search results. When shoppers search for products, the offers from up to three preferred loyalty programs appear for retailers listed in the search results. Billeo also lets users easily suggest loyalty programs to add to the service – ensuring the Offer Assistant has the most comprehensive discounts available.

“The average U.S. household has signed up with 14 loyalty programs, but is active with only six of them,” continued Subbarao. “The addition of the Loyalty Program Selector makes it even easier for consumers to take advantage of the high-quality offers from their financial institutions. They devote significant resources to securing discounts on behalf of their customers – and Billeo captures them all in a single, convenient place with its Offer Assistant.”

With the addition of Bing cashback’s retailers, Billeo now tracks offers
from more than 1,500 merchants, including Wal-Mart, Target and Barnes & Noble. Often, several competitive offers appear for a given product or retailer, letting shoppers choose the best value for them. Billeo has presented millions of offers to online shoppers since launching Offer Assistant in September 2009, saving them an average of 6 to 11 percent on each purchase. Currently more than 330 merchants offer free shipping – helping budget-conscious shoppers save even more.

In addition to the Offer Assistant, Billeo users can take advantage of:

  • The Password Assistant to autofill information at shopping sites
  • The Shopping Assistant to autofill checkout forms with address, billing and payment details
  • A receipt saver that stores every payment confirmation in one place

Billeo’s Online Assistants save time and money, helping people reap all the rewards of transacting online. The company is committed to delivering more money-saving features and plans to roll out new capabilities throughout the year.

To discover what kind of savings the Billeo Offer Assistant can give you, please visit

About Billeo, Inc.

Billeo provides a suite of Online Assistants that save people time and money in all types of online transactions, from shopping to bill pay. Its latest tool, the Offer Assistant, delivers high-quality discounts and deals from the loyalty programs of major card programs such as American Express, Visa and others – with no work required. Billeo was founded by seasoned executives well-versed in the online shopping and bill payment spaces. Over 40 banks, six of the top 10 card issuers, and more than 1,500 merchants are part of the trusted Billeo network. For more information about Billeo visit

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