Sheri Wells – Building a Mobile Media Empire

Aliso Viejo, California (PRESS RELEASE – January 6, 2010) – Sheri Wells, also known as “the Mother of the Code,” has been quietly building a mobile media empire with a messaging platform that stretches from Shanghai, China to Nairobi, Kenya that provides the foundation for her rapidly growing company, SMS Media Group.

Sheri is recognized as one of the leading SMS messaging experts in the world, and has launched text messaging campaigns and applications in over 200 countries for media brands and government agencies including Reuters, Nielsen, and

Your browser may not support display of this image. Her lifestyle is that of a striving rock star: long days and late nights on her keyboard. Sheri does not fit the typical executive mold and is a breath of fresh air in a male dominated industry. While styling her four-inch platform heels, she leads her business with class and an expertise that has attracted some of the world’s biggest brands.

Under the direction of Ms. Wells, SMS Media Group has developed some of the most powerful text messaging applications in the industry. “We now have an arsenal of applications”, says Sheri.

By leveraging her messaging platform, Sheri has built a mobile ad network that enables advertisers to broadcast targeted offers to opt-in cell phone subscribers. If an advertiser wants to send a promotion to 100,000 people at lunch-time in New York City, Sheri is the one to call!

Sheri’s management style is quite different from other CEOs. She is not looking to provide jobs, she is looking to provide opportunities, and gives her staff the freedom to create and bring new ideas. “I’m looking for people that want to be here everyday, nights, and weekends,” she says, “I’m looking for passion and enthusiasm.”

SMS Media Group was recently featured as one of the top twenty private technology companies at the 5th Annual Houlihan Lokey Technology Conference.

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About SMS Media Group (SMSMG)

SMSMG is recognized as a leading mobile messaging company worldwide. Founded in 2002, the company specializes in permission-based SMS communications to cell phones. SMSMG’s web-based mobile messaging platform, SMSdelivery, allows any size business to send mobile communications to over 700 carriers in 200 countries.

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