Photo and Video Producers Launch a New Online Venture

(PRESS RELEASE – January 11, 2010) – SBV Productions officially launched in Los Angeles, California. The on-line start up is the brainchild of Tim Ross and Paul Peltekian, co-founders of the hugely successful real estate on-line photo and video company Home View, LLC, and was created to meet the on-line marketing needs of the local “brick and mortar” small business owner.

SBV Productions, which stands for Small Business Video Productions, provides five page brochure websites, product photography and professional video. “Surprisingly, most small businesses in the community don’t have websites. What we want to do is give these nail salons, dry cleaners, restaurants and other small businesses an affordable solution that provides an on-line presence complete with product photography and video,” says SBV Productions co-founder Tim Ross.

Video is the important ingredient in this venture as studies show websites with video lead to sales conversions. A recent SellPoint, Inc. study conducted by Coremetrics found a significant increase in product purchases after online shoppers viewed audio/video tours of products. In fact, there was a 35% increase in the sales conversion rate among shoppers who viewed the on-line videos versus those who did not making what SBV Productions is selling very enticing.

“As part of our initial launch, we’ve created a promotion that involves 10,000 flyers being distributed to various local businesses in north Los Angeles literally giving away our services for free. It is an exciting opportunity for these small business owners to expand their reach through the power of the Internet and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do it,” said Ross. The promotion gives away a free five-page brochure website, up to 15 product or location photos and a short under-two minute video. There is an affordable $20.00 monthly hosting fee, but the savings of the up front costs come out to more than $800.00.

It’s too soon to tell whether SBV Productions has stumbled on to the next big thing, but the response has been extremely positive and overwhelmingly encouraging. Ross summed it up by saying “As long as SBV Productions is half as successful as Home View, we’ll consider that a home run.”

About SBV Productions:

SBV Productions is the brainchild of Tim Ross and Paul Peltekian (co-founders of Home View, LLC) and specializes in on-line marketing for small businesses providing their the best digital photography, video production and website design & hosting.

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