TrackRay Offers Free Web-Based Project Management and Task Tracking Software

(PRESS RELEASE – January 8, 2010) – A new version of the web-based software is now available at no cost for those in need of a time and task management solution. Designed by a diverse team of software developers and system administrators over the last several years, TrackRay provides companies, organizations, and teams of all sizes with a simple and intuitive project management tool that can track progress, organize workloads, evaluate time sheets, and update task statuses.

Especially created for use on both desktop computers and mobile devices, and accessible to anyone with a connection to the internet, TrackRay’s task tracking software takes into consideration the needs of modern project teams – teams that are often spread over multiple locations and equipped with varying forms of technology. Blending a unique combination of time and task management functionalities, TrackRay promotes team member accountability while increasing work visibility, accuracy, and communication.

“Our team believes that easy-to-use and free software like TrackRay should be available to everyone, and we are committed to provide this service to the online community,” said Ron Tesal, TrackRay’s Development Team Leader. “We want to make team collaboration and communication easy for every group that is trying to create something – no matter where they are located, no matter their resources, and no matter their size. TrackRay allows this to happen.”

With a minimalist layout that allows users to switch easily between task management and time sheet management, the software-as-a-service seamlessly tracks hours worked, projects, products, customers, accounts, team members, and activities. In addition, team members can customize both the task and time components of TrackRay to match with their unique business needs.

“We developed TrackRay for use in any number of businesses, organizations, and environments, ranging from health care companies to schools to professional organizations to government agencies,” Tesal said. “From a small group of individuals with a new idea to an established big business, TrackRay can help organize and optimize group work.”

To learn more about TrackRay, or to open a free TrackRay account, please visit

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