Verizon Small-Business Customers Offered Faster FiOS Internet Speeds, Plus Enhanced Value

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New York  (PRESS RELEASE – January 17, 2010)Verizon is making the connection with small businesses in 2010 by offering them two compelling propositions: symmetrical FiOS Internet and an expanded FiOS TV channel lineup, or High Speed Internet and DIRECTV for Business.

In addition, small or medium-sized businesses that bundle either FiOS Internet or High Speed Internet (HSI) in qualifying business packages with Verizon Freedom for Business unlimited local and long-distance calling can receive for 12 months either a toll-free number with no monthly recurring charges, or a Verizon Internet Security Suite and online data backup storage package plus a free wireless router at no additional charge.

All FIOS and HSI for Business customers with qualifying bundles also have access to thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots nationwide at no additional charge.

“There’s never been a better value for a local business,” said Monte Beck, Verizon’s small-business marketing vice president. “Including a toll-free 800 number or a VISS security and data backup package for the first year with a qualifying bundle makes these offers very competitive with anything else in the market.”

Verizon FiOS Internet for Business speeds have been increased to a symmetrical 25 megabits per second (Mbps)/25 Mbps and 35 Mbps/35 Mbps,* which allow businesses to move large data files quickly.   These speeds can help a business look as though it has the IT capabilities of a Fortune 500 company.  More importantly, getting information to and from customers or business-to-business associates is easier with FiOS because of its super fast bi-directional speeds.

Verizon FiOS Internet for Business customers can bundle more than 100 channels of FiOS TV with Verizon Freedom for Business unlimited local and long-distance calling for as little as $129.99 per month** in a Single Line PAK triple play. HSI for Business customers with 3 Mbps or 7 Mbps speeds can bundle Verizon Freedom for Business with more than 35 channels of award-winning DIRECTV for Business at prices that begin at $119.98 per month*** in a Single Line PAK triple play.  Double-play Single Line PAK bundles of Verizon FiOS Internet or HSI and Freedom for Business begin at $84.99 per month.  All Single Line PAK and Business Expansion PAK bundles require up to three-year commitments.

Additional discounts for multiline Verizon Business Expansion PAKs are available to new business customers, as well as customers who upgrade their current packages at or by calling 1-800-998-6181.

Additional information about Verizon’s small-business value-added capabilities can be obtained by visiting the Verizon Small Business Portal and taking a test drive of the Verizon Collaboration Center, and checking out the popular Business Links Rewards program and other features available to small businesses looking for a virtual CIO.

* Internet speeds refer to the connection speed between the user’s location and Verizon’s central office. Actual surfing speeds will vary based on many factors and may be lower than connection speed.

** Plus applicable taxes and fees.

*** Price includes the DIRECTV BUSINESS or OFFICE INFORMATION package ($34.99/mo. with two-year agreement).

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ), headquartered in New York, is a global leader in delivering broadband and other wireless and wireline communications services to mass market, business, government and wholesale customers.  Verizon Wireless operates America’s most reliable wireless network, serving more than 89 million customers nationwide.  Verizon also provides converged communications, information and entertainment services over America’s most advanced fiber-optic network, and delivers innovative, seamless business solutions to customers around the world.  A Dow 30 company, Verizon employs a diverse workforce of more than 230,000 and last year generated consolidated revenues of more than $97 billion.  For more information, visit



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