VerticalResponse Releases New Social Media Features

San Francisco (PRESS RELEASE – January 13, 2010) – VerticalResponse, Inc., today announced new social media sharing functionality within the VerticalResponse application which enables small business customers to easily share their email marketing content with popular social networks. The new social sharing feature allows customers to publish their emails to Twitter and Facebook, saving time and enabling to them get their message out to a wider audience. The new feature removes barriers to sharing content for those customers who are not already capitalizing on their social networks.

Today VerticalResponse also announced a new archive feature that provides customers with a hosted, web-friendly version of each email they send. This version is securely hosted at VerticalResponse, and turns the email marketing campaign into a web page that can be easily shared with customers, prospects and partners.

“At VerticalResponse we’re always looking for ways to make email marketing simpler for our small business customers, who are constantly stretched for time, and to help them get their email messaging out to the biggest audience they can,” said Janine Popick, CEO and co-founder of VerticalResponse. “The new social media sharing and archiving features prove that email marketing continues to evolve and can actually help our customers capitalize on social media with their email campaigns.”

The social sharing feature allows VerticalResponse customers to cross-promote their emails across social networks. This feature complements the existing option for VerticalResponse customers to add an email newsletter opt-in form on their Facebook Fan page. VerticalResponse customers can get more mileage out of their emails and reach more prospects and customers by publishing their emails to Twitter and Facebook using a secure single sign-on directly from within the VerticalResponse application. Small businesses can now increase the reach of their email marketing campaigns and connect with customers across multiple mediums.

“VerticalResponse already makes it very easy for me to send out emails, and I’m excited about the new social sharing feature taking another step out of my marketing campaigns,” said Glynn Gallagher, owner, “There are only so many hours in the day for small businesses, and the new social sharing feature will save me a lot of time when I don’t have to manually shorten the links to my emails and post them to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

The new social sharing features are available from within the VerticalResponse application starting today at no additional cost. After a one-time linking of Twitter and Facebook with their VerticalResponse account, customers will be able to easily share their sent emails from within the VerticalResponse reporting dashboard. By clicking on the “Share Email” link, customers will receive a shortened URL that points to the hosted version of their email, and will have the option to write a short message to accompany the link. Once this message is finalized, the customer will click “Send” and the shortened URL and message will automatically be pushed to their Twitter and or Facebook streams.

“Before the new email hosting feature I didn’t have an easy way to share my emails with my website visitors,” said Sally Waters, founder of Birdy Botanicals. “I’m excited about this new feature as it will allow me to keep my website up to date with links to my previous emails and customers will now get to see examples of the content they will receive if they sign up for Birdy Botanicals email newsletters.”

About VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse, Inc. is a leading provider of self-service email marketing, online surveys and direct mail services empowering small businesses to easily create, manage and analyze their own direct marketing campaigns. VerticalResponse bundles email, online surveys and postcards to offer customers an integrated Web-based direct marketing solution that’s intuitive and affordable. VerticalResponse is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For additional information, please visit


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