Bantam Live Launches Collaboration Workspace Service for Business Teams with Social CRM Capabilities

New York (PRESS RELEASE – February 8, 2010) — Bantam Live (, an online workspace for business teams with unique “social CRM” and “real-time stream” functionality, has launched its commercial version with paid-subscription plans. Current beta-users and new customers of Bantam Live can now sign up with a credit card for a monthly subscription plan and immediately start tracking their contacts and deals, organize tasks and projects, and connect, share and monitor team business activity as it happens in real-time. Uniquely, these applications of microblogging communication, CRM, and project management are combined in Bantam Live. In the dashboard of a team’s private workspace, work activity cascades in a real-time stream of searchable information for improved awareness and collaboration among the group.

A core application module of Bantam Live provides “social CRM” functionality for sales, marketing and business development teams. Social CRM in Bantam Live allows a user to search for keywords in Twitter for lead-generation and engage customers and prospects while importing new contacts and attendant profiles into Bantam Live. Co-worker notifications and CRM workflows are included like adding a task, tracking customer communication, and collaborating internally as a team. Advanced social CRM features and new social network integrations will be added to Bantam Live in 2010.

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