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A few weeks ago I was struggling for a blog post and Anita suggested that I share some of my favorite business Twitter people. Using examples to highlight people doing things well is often just what the rest of us need for that advice we always hear to finally ‘click’. With that in mind, below is a list of some of my favorite business Twitterers and the people that I learn from on a consistent basis.I’d love it if you’d be willing to share some of your own personal Twitter Stars. Together we can create a great list of people to follow.

Jonathan Fields: You’re probably already familiar with Jonathan. I’ve mentioned him here on SmallBizTrends, he’s the author of Career Renegade and he also writes one of my favorite blogs on entrepreneurship. Jonathan stands out in my Twitter stream for a number of reasons. He constantly provides links to fantastic articles, he’s into the conversation (which can’t always be said of the Twitter Elite) and his stream instantly puts me in a good mood. Every morning Jonathan tweets hello to his audience and asks who he can help today. It gets everything started on the right foot, but it’s also a good reminder that helping others is our end goal. We became entrepreneurs to provide a valuable service or product for other people. If there’s a reason for all this madness, that’s it.

Chris Brogan: I like to refer to Chris Brogan as the Santa Claus of Social Media – he’s everywhere spreading good cheer. He’s the co-author of Trust Agents and a personality that most of us are aware of in this space. However, that’s not why I include him here. Yes, he’s a Must Follow because of the information he shares, his skill for conversation, and overall helpfulness. But for me, Chris is a constant reminder that I can push myself further and connect with more people in a day. It amazes me the time Chris dedicates to giving back and chatting with the community. If he can find time to answer the many, many replies that he gets during the day, then so can I. His Replies tab probably resembles Santa’s inbox in December. Only longer. Much longer.

Mike Germano: Mike is co-founder of the new media agency Carrot Creative based in Brooklyn, NY. Where many Twitterers use the platform to tweet links to valuable content, Mike takes a more personal approach. He doesn’t do too many link drops. Instead, most of his tweets are about his company, the meetings he’s in or about any of a number of things that Mike is excited about. And Mike is often excited about something. Following Mike Germano is like adding a bit of Red Bull to your Twitter stream. I follow Mike hoping that his enthusiasm, passion and all out kick-butt nature will rub off on me. When I’m lucky, it does. And when I’m not, he’s at least piqued my interest about what’s going on over at Carrot Creative.

Jim Kukral: Jim’s tweeting style is the polar opposite of Mike (and yet they’re both my favorites). If Mike is more personal, Jim is all about business. His Twitter feed is filled with plenty of awesome link drops to content I would have missed otherwise. Every day I find myself finding great articles, new bloggers and new ways of thinking via Jim. He rocks.

Danny Sullivan: Danny’s the editor of, a site dedicated to educating readers about search and SEO, and the founder of the Search Marketing Expo conference series. He’s the steady and true voice of the search industry and has taught me some of my most hard-learned lessons, both in search and out of it. Danny provides an enormous amount of search content on a daily basis, was recently recognized as one of The Web Celeb 25 by Forbes, and is great at separating the wheat from the chaff. Every industry has their father, Danny is that to the search world.

Brian Clark: Brian, aka Copyblogger, help keeps my writing gene feeling healthy and inspired. He’s great for conversations but also shares valuable content on the art of writing, headlines and connecting with the third tribe. If you’re a SMB owner trying to get into blogging or even hoping to spruce up your site content to attract visitors and engage, Brian is your man. Better yet, Brian Clark is The Man.

Tamar Weinberg: If you want the signal without much of the noise, then Tamar becomes an absolute must follow. She wrote the book on social media (literally), gets how the community stuff should be and tweets out a stream of high quality links to help others learn the ropes. If you’re trying to learn how to do social media, Tamar is not only a great example herself, but she can point you to the others who know their stuff. She provides the most signal with the least amount of noise and can be trusted to only highlight the good stuff.

Aaron Wall: Aaron Wall is one of the smartest SEOs in the game, hands down. He’s someone who does more than he talks, which means his Twitter stream is filled with only the stuff that you should absolutely be aware of. If you’re interested in SEO, what really makes a brand or how Google’s latest news affects you, Aaron’s a Must Follow. His blog, SEOBook, is also an absolute Must Read.

The Bloggess: Some may find this to be an unconventional choice for a “business” list (though I hope not), but I think The Bloggess is a great follow for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She can be a little NSFW or silly, but behind that The Bloggess tells a powerful story of how being yourself attracts the right people. Jenny’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea and weaves between insightful to crude to slightly offensive, however, her wit is undeniable. Her commitment to not become what people want or expect her to be is an incredible reminder and example for the rest of us.

Above are some of my personal business Twitter favorites. I’ve added these guys, plus some others, to a Teaches Me Stuff Twitter List. Feel free to give it a follow to catch them in action.

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Lisa Barone Lisa Barone is Vice President of Strategy at Overit, an Albany Web design and development firm where she serves on the senior staff overseeing the company’s marketing consulting, social media, and content divisions.

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  1. Hey Lisa
    I’ve learned a thing or two from these relatively unknown people you follow, too… 😉 Thanks for sharing this terrific list. I really like Jenny, but I can’t share many of her tweets!

    I like these tweeps:
    Jason Cohen @asmartbear
    Tim Berry @timberry
    Starr Hall @starrhall (she’s like you and tells it like it is)

    It must have been tough to keep the list short!! I always refer people to the SmallBizTrends Ultimate Twitter list, too:

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  3. Here are a few of my favorite business tweeters:

    @SmallBizTrends –
    @chiefmartec –
    @Szetela –
    @ashbuckles –

  4. Now I’m all blushy. Thanks!

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Nice to see you here!! You may remember me from way back in early 2009! Stop back often and leave some of your biz and life humor in here!

  6. Hey Lisa, I really have to chime in again — you are so right about Aaron. I’ve been using his SEO Tools for a long time and while I always tell clients how I get the data that I give them — it never ceases to amaze me how many don’t install the powerful tools that Aaron has built and shares for free. One day soon, I hope to become a paid member of his community.

  7. Lisa: Great list!

    Here are some other tweeps:

    Stephen Smith
    Zane Safrit
    Jim Blasingame

    TJ: Tim Berry is a great guy!

  8. Most of these people are new to me, but I will definitely go and follow them on your recommendation. The internet world is so vast, and there is just more and more people to meet and information to assimilate around every corner. It is almost like the ultimate repository of knowledge, one that transcends the traditional library and university, for that manner.

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