Helping People Create Their Own Opportunities by Providing A “Stimulus Package for the Streets”

Los Angeles (PRESS RELEASE – February 11, 2010) — TheCASHFLOW (, a new business startup providing an interactive and approachable platform blending financial media, professional networking and business knowledge for young urban entrepreneurs, has officially gone live online. TheCASHFLOW users can customize an education plan, apply to get their business idea funded, gain knowledge of unique ways to profit from today’s news and trends, and learn from a resource-rich blueprint that takes them step-by-step through the process of writing a business plan, building their team and realizing their financial dreams. The launch of TheCASHFLOW will commence with the “Put Yourself on the Map Tour,” a coast-to-coast series of interviews and networking events with aspiring urban entrepreneurs in 100 cities across the United States.

Magnus Greaves, TheCASHFLOW’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, created this platform based on his own entrepreneurial journey, which has taken him through the worlds of finance (as a cofounder of trading firm MacFutures) and publishing (as founder of Doubledown Media). Greaves was included in Black Enterprise magazine’s “40 Under 40 Hotlist” in 2008, an honor that helped him better understand the enormous, untapped entrepreneurial audience brimming with a desire to succeed but lacking the crucial building blocks of core financial education and an opportunity to put its skills and ideas to work.

“There has never been a better time to launch a new business. New technological tools and platforms have leveled the playing field and lowered entry costs for the aspiring entrepreneur,” Greaves said. “Unfortunately, a large segment of the population – those without access to the guidance and financial resources necessary to transform their ideas into thriving enterprises – remains impervious to the benefits of this monumental shift.”

TheCASHFLOW has created a unique platform to address this problem, making connections between millions of young Americans, their business heroes and corporate America. “Many of today’s youth,” Greaves continued, “possess an abundance of entrepreneurial energy and desire yet lack a clear path into the business world. It is time to close this ‘entrepreneurial gap’ and promote both financial literacy and racial diversity in the next generation of self-starting entrepreneurs.”

“TheCASHFLOW has forged a unique relationship with today’s most successful pop-culture business heroes, from hip-hop moguls and fashion-industry titans to barbecue-sauce barons,” added Rob Kenner, TheCASHFLOW’s Editor in Chief. “Our model is to teach business and finance skills by profiling the entrepreneurs these young people most admire. To that end, we have created TheCASHFLOW 50, the first list dedicated to analyzing the success of the top 50 hip-hop-influenced entrepreneurs.” Kenner, a founding editor of Vibe magazine, was most recently editor-at-large for that publication.

TheCASHFLOW is focused on helping people start businesses by increasing the availability and accessibility of mentorship and training. In addition, TheCASHFLOW will be funding new business ideas and helping entrepreneurs as they build those ideas into companies.

“Everybody has an idea for a new business, but how often do you find someone who believes in you enough to put money down?” said Lucas Riggins, one of TheCASHFLOW’s cofounders, who previously worked in promotions for Universal Records and later helped launch the career of bestselling author Teri Woods. “Think of it as a ‘stimulus package for the streets.’ ”


TheCASHFLOW is a new multimedia platform created to empower, engage and inform young urban entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help young people achieve their business aspirations and financial independence by providing inspiration, education, partner guidance and funding, empowering them to create their own successful opportunities. Today’s young urban entrepreneurs brim with ideas and creativity, but many lack the necessary support, information and tools to turn their business dreams into reality. That’s where TheCASHFLOW comes in.

TheCASHFLOW 50: An exclusive list that profiles self-made entrepreneurs – businesspeople, musicians, philanthropists and more – who exemplify TheCASHFLOW mindset and have achieved extraordinary success.

TheCASHFLOW Map: An interactive database of 100 cities across America, highlighting everything that makes them great places to start a business – and to live.

TheCASHFLOW Put Yourself on the Map Tour: A coast-to-coast series of interviews and networking events with aspiring urban entrepreneurs in 100 cities across the United States.

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