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San Jose, California (PRESS RELEASE = February 25, 2010) – Timesheets.com plunges into the online application marketplace offering small business customers the ability to track both payroll time and billable project time seamlessly within the same system. In the past, time tracking software fell into one of two camps: hourly tracking of time worked for payroll, or project tracking of time worked for billing. Timesheets.com recognized the lack of integration and solved the problem by introducing dual timesheets. Employees can clock-in to work, and then switch over to their project timesheet to log billable hours for customers, all within the same application.

“The beauty of our product,” says Joel Slatis, President of Timesheets.com, “is that you have two timesheets for completely different purposes side by side for the first time. You can use either one, or both, depending on your company’s employee time tracking needs.”

A New Approach

Timesheet software has traditionally concentrated on a single type of recordable time. Engineers, consultants, and other types of project-oriented workers record their billable time which is used to create invoices. Meanwhile, hourly workers use timesheets designed to record attendance and time-off for payroll. Those two types of timesheets are completely different, and require different features, formatting, and processing. Yet these two different time keeping requirements are often needed within a single company.

Timesheets.com designed a solution with its dual timesheets. Either timesheet can be enabled or disabled on an individual employee basis. Hourly employees can clock in to work, and project based employees, who might be salaried, can record their billable time. This allows employers to properly calculate overtime or vacation time for hourly timesheets, while keeping the project time separate for billing.

Small Business Needs

Timesheets.com targets the vast but underserved small business market bringing a powerful new tool to companies with limited budgets but sophisticated time tracking needs. By combining hourly and project based time tracking into a single, paperless software, small businesses will have a cost effective, green way to consolidate time tracking functions into a single, web based SaaS application for the very first time.

In addition to time tracking, standard features include a configurable accruals tracking system, expense reporting and a soon-to-be-released status update system for inter-company communications similar to the “what’s on your mind” box in Facebook.

About Timesheets.com

Timesheets.com is owned by TimeclockOnline.com, Inc. and has been developing the industry’s leading SaaS time keeping application since 2004. Our technology enables our small business customers to save time, eliminate errors, and standardize workforce management issues while reducing the size of payroll. Our in-house, green technology replaces traditional paper time sheets and expense reports with a web-based solution that ensures accuracy while providing ease of use.

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