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National Association of Professional Women Announces Business Outlook Survey Results

Garden City, New York (PRESS RELEASE – February 15, 2010) — According to the just-released “2010 Business Outlook Survey” from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), women who play an important role in business nationwide, today express pockets of optimism and see potential signs that the economy and their business may be gaining some strength.

A large majority expresses confidence about the direction of the economy this year, and one-half say their business revenues will be up “sharply or moderately” in 2010 compared to 2009, without the help of federal tax credits. A strong minority of survey respondents also say that both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and their investments will end 2010 above where they are now.

“This survey reveals, perhaps unexpectedly, that in persistently difficult economic conditions, professional women do see a number of signs that the economy is stabilizing and they even display some optimism about their own businesses,” notes Nicole Johnson, NAPW’s Managing Director of Communications and Member Services.

Other key specific findings from what is believed to be one of the most thorough snapshots of the economic views of professional women include the following:

Full results of the “2010 NAPW Business Outlook Survey” are available at http://www.napw.com/survey.

About NAPW

NAPW members are affluent professionals representing the spectrum of American business — with 80% from smaller businesses with 1-499 employees and 20% from mid-market and large companies with 500-5000 employees. 86% have positions of responsibility in U.S. business — 55% are owners, partners or top management, 9.3% are corporate officers and 22% are middle management.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is the fastest growing and most recognized professional women’s association in the nation. NAPW assists its accomplished members, from businesses large and small, to achieve powerful business growth and professional career development through interactive online networking forums, local face-to-face chapter meetings, access to local and regional seminars, webinars, podcasts, keynote speakers, and many educational tools. NAPW provides an advanced forum for like-minded professional women to gain exposure and to create innovative social and business relationships, boost their careers and become more productive and successful.

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