Wasp Barcode Technologies Launches MobileAsset for Small Businesses

Plano, Texas (PRESS RELEASE – February 22, 2010) – Wasp Barcode Technologies today announced the release of its upgraded MobileAsset v6 asset tracking software, which makes it easier than ever for small businesses to save time and money. By keeping track of assets and their whereabouts, companies stand to save thousands of dollars per year.

“Even very small businesses spend 10s of thousands of dollars – and more – on IT and other fixed assets. Yet little or no money is invested in keeping track of these valuable items,” said Tom O’Shea, vice president and general manager of Wasp Barcode Technologies. “In today’s cost-conscious environment, a solution like MobileAsset is a no-brainer. This solution pays for itself in a matter of months and then drives profitability for years to come.”

Businesses can use MobileAsset to track IT assets such as computers, servers, laptops and software licenses. In addition, it can track a wide range of fixed assets including copiers, phones, tools, equipment and more.

Tracking these items with an automated solution solves two critical business problems. First, it enables personnel to immediately track down needed equipment, rather than wasting hours or even days looking for particular items. In addition, when IT managers and business owners know exactly what assets the company owns, they can head off the purchase of redundant items.

Most small and mid-sized businesses keep manual lists of assets, or none at all. In fact, a recent poll of Wasp MobileAsset customers found that less than 10 percent were previously using an automated asset tracking solution.

With MobileAsset, the user creates and prints barcoded asset tags, which are affixed to each item and scanned with a barcode scanner. Information about each asset is captured in the MobileAsset software, which can warehouse a wide range of information such as manufacturer, serial number, maintenance history and more, all of which can be exported into useful and accurate reports.
With the newly upgraded version 6 of the software, users can benefit from several enhancements:

  • Instantly update a group of assets with the new “mass update” function
  • Create, save and share custom filters for lists
  • Add hyperlinks to asset records
  • Track asset maintenance costs
  • Implement multiple maintenance schedules for assets
  • Manage user security by group or department
  • Allow asset check-out with or without due dates
  • Transfer a checked-out asset to a different user
  • Print asset tags, employee badges and location labels from asset, employee and location lists

MobileAsset v6 is available in three versions:

  • Standard includes one PC license and one mobile license for $595.
  • Pro includes five PC licenses and one mobile license for $1,495. The Pro version has been upgraded with a new database manager tool.
  • Enterprise includes unlimited PC licenses and five mobile licenses for $3,495. It has been upgraded with new multi-tenant functionality, which lets the user manage multiple departments or companies using different databases. Enterprise can run on an external SQL Server database. It ships with SQL 2005 Express.

Customers can purchase solely the Wasp MobileAsset asset tracking software, which runs on both PCs and mobile computers using the Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating system. Or, customers may choose a complete solution set from Wasp that includes MobileAsset software, a mobile computer and a barcode printer.

Newly launched with this release is a lower-cost mobile computer: the Wasp WPA1000. This mobile computer ships with Windows Mobile operating system. It has an integrated laser scanner and a bright TFT color screen. A mobile solution that includes the WPA1000 and MobileAsset Standard software costs $1,495.

MobileAsset v6 and the new WPA1000 are available immediately. Existing customers can purchase upgrades to v6 Standard for just $195. Special upgrade pricing is available for Pro and Enterprise customers, who can receive a 50 percent discount until April 30, 2010.

MobileAsset is available from leading IT resellers such as CDW, Insight and TigerDirect and IT value-added resellers, as well as directly from Wasp.

About Wasp Barcode Technologies

Wasp Barcode Technologies provides data capture and tracking solutions designed specifically for small business. Products include inventory control, asset tracking, time and attendance, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and point of sale (POS) solutions. Wasp products help small business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability. Learn more at www.waspbarcode.com or call 866-547-WASP (9277).

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