Broader Applications for Business Social Media Networks By MediaFunnel

San Rafael, California (PRESS RELEASE – March 18, 2010) – The “Team Tool for Social Media,” TweetFunnel, announced today it is now officially MediaFunnel. The name change reflects MediaFunnel’s expanding focus on providing businesses with one easy to use but feature-rich publishing interface for managing their social media channels. Mediafunnel coordinates and measures online marketing on various social media platforms for businesses while maintaining Corporate Brand Integrity. MediaFunnel also released its Facebook application today.

Multiple users who are contributing to a business or organization’s Facebook Page or Twitter stream can send posts and image attachments or screenshots of website or blogs to the Wall. The application is seamlessly integrated with MediaFunnel’s unique editorial control workflow and assignment of posts for prompt handling, and email/SMS messaging. Cross platform messages can be posted immediately, scheduled or released in pre-defined intervals for a continual information stream.

The rebrand highlights MediaFunnel’s innovative architecture and scalability that allows for fast integration of future social media services and networks. Businesses benefit from MediaFunnel’s adaptive framework because they can quickly add new applications while training employees to use one simple interface for consolidating their group social media contributions. Along with the name change and integration to Facebook, some of Mediafunnel’s essential features have been renamed as well, including Guest Posting, which allows an organization to invite its audience to contribute to the official stream with pre-screening functionality.

“Social media marketing has gone mainstream,” said Andreas Wilkens, MediaFunnel Co-Founder. “What’s important are conversations, real-time engagement and meaningful content, not so much the application it streams on. We’ve seen networks fade and new ones emerge. That’s why we’ve built MediaFunnel so businesses can concentrate on creating genuine dialogue from one familiar dashboard while we connect the platform to their social networking channel, whatever it might be.”

Organizations with several people creating content for online marketing campaigns use MediaFunnel to effectively coordinate and measure their social media investment. Multiple users, designated as administrators, publishers or contributors monitor and send posts to multiple feeds. Businesses can respond quickly to customer queries or complaints using MediaFunnel’s assignment feature. Other features include options for immediate, scheduled or interval publishing; search and alerts for brand monitoring; ability to submit posts by email/SMS; co-tags to personalize posts; and analytics to gain market knowledge. In March, MediaFunnel introduced its integration and the innovative convention, “Guest Post,” (GP) which opens an official social media stream to outside contributors.

About MediaFunnel

MediaFunnel serves businesses and other organizations with a coordinated, measurable and easy to use content management workflow for corporate social media networks. MediaFunnel’s streamlined dashboard consolidates team-generated posts where they can be reviewed before publishing to multiple feeds, including Twitter and Facebook. Unique in having this role-based editorial review function, “The Team Tool for Social Media” helps businesses protect hard-won Corporate Brand Integrity.

Since its launch in May 2009 (formerly as TweetFunnel), thousands of businesses, public relations firms, sports teams, government entities and other organizations have come to rely on MediaFunnel’s comprehensive publishing platform. A wide range of features includes hierarchical management of multiple social media feeds, co-tags, ability to post images and screenshots, publishing on an immediate, scheduled or pre-defined interval basis, post assignment, publishing via email/ SMS, Salesforce integration, Guest Post and more. Visit

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