RatePoint Reviews Give Small Business a Big Voice

Needham, Massachusetts (PRESS RELEASE – March 28, 2010) — Retailer SmartMomma knows the value of integrating customer feedback into a small business. With sales up more than 100 percent compared with last year, owner Heather Burns attributes a portion of that success to RatePoint, Inc., a leading provider of customer reviews, testimonials and online reputation management services.

SmartMomma began as an informational Web site, offering pregnant women, new moms and women who want to conceive a place to go for information from another mom’s perspective. In 2006, SmartMomma started to offer products in an online retail store to solve mom’s issues related to her baby. The initial idea has evolved into a thriving online business and a storefront in Raleigh, N.C.

With five employees and a growing business, Burns knows the power of positive feedback. “Everybody has an initial feeling of mistrust online because almost anyone can create an ecommerce site,” said Burns. “Our parents know that other parents have shopped here by reading the reviews and it creates a sense of trust.” To watch SmartMomma’s full story, view the video here http://www.ratepoint.com?src=pr_smartmomma&cid=pr_smartmomma.

RatePoint’s small-business customers know that customer service and customer testimonials are essential to compete with bigger brands. In fact, a RatePoint study of small businesses found that 49 percent of small retailers say their biggest asset when competing with big retailers is customer service.

“Customers are attracted to a company that focuses on customer service,” said RatePoint Co-Founder and CEO Neal Creighton. “Small-business owners know competing with big brands is possible, and harnessing the power of customer feedback propels smaller companies in the reputation economy.”

Small businesses that sign-up for a free RatePoint account at www.ratepoint.com are provided with a 30-day trial of RatePoint’s review publishing tools. The free RatePoint account also features:

  • Unlimited collection of reviews and testimonials from customers
  • Unlimited automatic posting of content such as e-mail campaigns, coupons and offers to Facebook and Twitter by simply checking a box
  • Unlimited use of online surveys to collect customer insights
  • Unlimited campaigns to up to 125 e-mail contacts

Full-time access to dispute resolution and review publishing tools are available in a paid RatePoint subscription, a complete solution to help small-business owners improve customer satisfaction, build credibility and increase profitability.

About RatePoint, Inc.

RatePoint, Inc., the leading provider of customer reviews, testimonials and online reputation management services, helps businesses protect and build their online reputation, allowing businesses to harness the power of credible customer feedback and leverage it into a sales, marketing and customer service asset.

RatePoint’s easy-to-use, Web-based communication services include customer feedback tools to collect business reviews and product reviews as well as email marketing, survey and dispute resolution capabilities to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the ability to collect, manage and promote customer feedback directly from their Web site. For more information, contact us at: 888-777-1636 or visit: www.ratepoint.com.

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