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Toronto, Ontario (PRESS RELEASE – March 3, 2010) — is a ground-breaking web service that allows visitors to see instant shipping rate comparisons from FedEx, UPS, DHL, the U.S. Postal Service as well as local messenger and delivery services. Visitors view delivery service comparisons as intuitive tables, milliseconds after entering origin and destination zip codes.

Not satisfied with the existing simplicity of their system, the software engineers at ShipGooder, Inc. set about to make the rate search process even easier for website visitors, using the venerable philosophy, KISS, or “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. The result was a new, simplified homepage, where visitors who may not know a specific zip code can now simply enter the name of any U.S. or Canadian city and see corresponding zip codes appear in real-time.

The new homepage launched in February, simplifying what was already an effortless service. Additionally, website visitors’ own local zip codes are automatically displayed as samples, using new geo-location technology where a visitor’s IP address is matched to its geographic location.

“ShipGooder is the market leader for delivery service search facilitation,” said Nancy Chafee, VP of Marketing for ShipGooder, Inc. “ShipGooder has achieved this leadership position primarily because visitors can use our service with little learning overhead. Other sites have attempted to provide similar services, but the web pages were simply too complicated to be useful,” she added.

“ is in a continual state of iterative design,” added Franc Vodopivec, President of ShipGooder. “Cognitive modeling combined with a specific focus on user-centric design has allowed us to develop a web service that continues to grow in popularity as well garner consistent, positive industry recognition,” he added.

Visitors and media accolades continue to arrive daily. NBC’s The Today Show remarked, “This site is both a time saver and a money saver.” Saving time is a direct outcome of keeping it simple saving money would not be considered stupid, either.

About ShipGooder, Inc.

Toronto-based ShipGooder, Inc. was founded in October 2006 and developed a multi-carrier rate engine that allows users to quickly compare services from national, regional and local couriers in the U.S. and Canada. provides an easy, fast rate engine to obtain the best shipping rates.

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