Ventureneer eBook Helps Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Social Enterprises Get Ready to Grow

New York, NY (PRESS RELEASE – March 5, 2010) — Business plans, financial statements, presentations to funders: They’re all part of getting a small businesses — including nonprofits and social enterprises — off to a good start or into the next stage of growth.

“Getting Ready to Grow: The Tools You Need” is a tip-laden, free ebook that guides the reader through the process of planning for growth and presenting a growing enterprise to prospective investors and partners.

The ebook is chock full of tips, “dos and don’ts,” how-tos as well as the pitfalls to avoid. It covers all aspects of getting ready to grow, from preparing a business plan to making that all-important presentation to funders.

The ebook is the work of Geri Stengel, founder of Ventureneer and an adjunct professor at The New School in New York City. Ventureneer provides small business advice and nonprofit training using a blend of traditional instruction and Web 2.0 technology.

“Small businesses, including nonprofits and social enterprises, can’t just wake up one morning and say, ‘Let’s grow!’ A lot of groundwork has to be done first,” Stengel says. “As a professor of entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur myself, I’ve learned what is essential and what isn’t. This ebook is a compilation of that knowledge.”

Small businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises who want to move on after the recession will find this ebook a great guide. It covers everything, from the data needed to make a growth plan to 10 tips for making your presentations rock.

The ebook, “Getting Ready to Grow: The Tools You’ll Need” can be downloaded at no charge.

About Geri Stengel

Geri is founder of Ventureneer, an online education and peer support service. An adjunct professor at The New School, she honed her online experience at companies like Dow Jones and Physicians’ Online. Geri co-founded the Women’s Leadership Exchange and is president of Stengel Solutions, a consulting service for social-impact organizations.

About Ventureneer provides non profit and small business advice as well as entrepreneurial and non profit training through a new approach to learning: a blend of traditional, formal instruction with informal, peer learning that takes advantage of Web 2.0 technology to capture and share knowledge. Ventureneer’s customized blogs, virtual classes, peer-to-peer learning, coaching, web events and articles help entrepreneurs make faster, better decisions for their enterprises.

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