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(PRESS RELEASE – April 17, 2010) – EazyBusiness, Inc., a provider of cloud-based business applications for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced the global launch of the EazyBusiness Suite. Built upon leading open source applications, the comprehensive set of on-demand business applications – including CRM, HRM, email, ecommerce and website content management – empowers SMBs to set up, manage and scale their businesses profitably and competitively.

SMBs typically are constrained by the high cost of hardware and resources to manage in-house software. The EazyBusiness Suite provides the path to a cloud-based offering without the high price tag or heavy lifting. EazyBusiness applications are accessed completely online and are instantly available without the delays of software installation and internal operations. Also, unlike other SaaS solutions, companies can maintain control of their data, thereby avoiding vendor lock-in.

The EazyBusiness Suite leverages market-leading open source applications including vtiger, Zimbra, Joomla!, OrangeHRM, and Dimdim, applications that are already in use by millions of users globally. EazyBusiness integrates these applications, assembling a single suite that delivers the capabilities essential for running a business: launching and managing a website; managing sales and customer relationships; managing employees and complying with human resource requirements; and enabling company-wide email, messaging and collaboration. When customers sign up, they can institute just the applications that make sense for their business – whether it be one or the entire suite.

“We tried using open source applications in-house for their cost savings, but instead found them to be complex and time-consuming to implement and maintain on our own”, “says Hemant Moore, CEO of Arcons Technology, a financial software company based in San Carlos, California. “But now, EazyBusiness has brought together a set of top open source applications into one single suite that can be easily accessed online and saves us valuable time and money.”

The applications within the EazyBusiness Suite are:

  • EazyWeb, for creating websites. EazyWeb enables easy upload and editing of content, ecommerce stores, and company intranets, to provide a custom online experience. EazyWeb is based on the industry-leading open source Joomla! web content management application.
  • EazyCRM, for managing customer relationships (CRM). EazyCRM integrates sales, service and marketing to help acquire, grow and retain customers. EazyCRM is based on the industry-leading open source vtiger application.
  • EazyHRM, for managing employee information (HRM). EazyHRM integrates and streamlines human resources operations while enabling compliance and reporting. EazyHRM is based on the industry-leading open source OrangeHRM application.
  • EazyWork, for email and messaging. EazyWork integrates seamlessly and enables a company to foster collaboration, create content, and improve productivity. EazyWork is based on the industry-leading open source Zimbra application.

“We believe EazyBusiness is the only choice for small businesses, especially those trying to save money in this cost conscious economy,” said Jeffrey Engelmann, CEO of EazyBusiness. “We’re breaking new ground with the breadth of software capability we’ve assembled in a single suite by leveraging open source applications. These applications are essential to productivity and performance, and we’re making them simple, affordable and accessible to SMBs. Only larger companies had this opportunity until now.”

Pricing and Availability

Monthly subscriptions to the EazyBusiness Suite can be purchased for as little as $19.95 per user per month for the entire suite, and a free 30-day trial option is available on the website,

About EazyBusiness

Based in San Francisco, California, EazyBusiness was founded in 2009 to help small and medium sized businesses enjoy the benefits of cloud-based computing and open source software without the expense and difficulty. For more information on EazyBusiness, visit

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