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Franchise Buyers Can Now Attend This “University” Before They Buy a Franchise

Cleveland, Ohio (PRESS RELEASE – April 30, 2010)-As downsized workers continue to find it difficult to find well-paying jobs, more of them will consider becoming self-employed. One popular option is franchise ownership, and there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities to choose from. But, are most people right for franchise ownership?

According to The Franchise King the answer is no. And, he’s created an online “university” to help prospective franchise buyers decide if becoming a franchise owner is the way to go.

Joel Libava, (The Franchise King) is a Cleveland, Ohio franchise consultant and franchise industry blogger and marketer, who’s known for his no-holds barred communication style. He was a franchisee himself, and admittedly, a poor one at that.

“I found out relatively fast that I was not cut out for the mostly rigid business model of franchising” Joel said recently. “That makes me especially good at helping others find out if they truly are cut out for franchise ownership,” he added.

Joel says that some people are just “too entrepreneurial” for franchise ownership, and should consider buying an existing small business, where some major change is needed, or doing a pure start-up type of business.
Joel is a man on a mission. He’s focused on;

1. Persuading the franchise industry as a whole to start becoming more transparent

2. Convincing franchise sales executives to only work with the most highly qualified franchise candidates, not just financially, but philosophically

3. To really make sure that potential franchisees know that they may fail in their businesses

Joel has been involved in the franchise world since 2001, and has personally met with hundreds of prospective franchise owners, in his consulting role. He’s helped some of them select franchises to buy, and has shown all of them how to protect themselves with the proper franchise research techniques.
He wrote “The Essential Steps to Researching A Franchise Opportunity,” which is a step by step research guide that’s in an eBook format.

Although eBooks are still very popular, and can be viewed on the Kindle, and iPad, high quality audio podcasts and videos are becoming very popular places to find content that folks are interested in.

Joel has found that some people are able to learn better by reading text, some can learn really well by watching videos, and some can really absorb a lot of material by popping on some headphones, and listening to educational and entertaining podcasts.

Joel’s latest offering, Franchise Online University.com, does a fine job of combining high quality videos with audio podcasts, and easy to follow text, in an easy to use eBook type format.

Online learning is becoming very popular, especially since more and more people have access to high speed internet. Franchise Online University.com offers prospective franchise owners an easy, step by step way to learn about franchising, no matter what their learning style is. Plus;

  • Students can learn at their own pace. They can start and stop as they choose
  • Franchise Online University.com is portable. That means that students can take the franchise courses anywhere after they download them to their computers. (Or iPads, Kindle’s etc.)
  • There are no tests. There are no cranky professors. There are no distractions like the ones you’d find in a noisy 200 person lecture hall.
  • The technology is really easy to use, and the courses are super-easy to follow.
  • There’s a free “Introduction to Franchising” course, which allows you to not only learn about what franchising really consists of, but gives you an online learning test-drive, to see if you like this way of learning.
  • The paid courses are very inexpensive, and come with a money-back guarantee.

Currently, Franchise Online University.com offers three franchise courses. They are;

1. An Introduction to Franchising (Free)

2. How to Carefully Select a Franchise To Buy

3. How to Properly Research a Franchise Business

Joel doesn’t want the word “university” to scare folks off. These are not college level courses. They are fact filled franchise courses that will help prospective franchise owners learn all there is to know about the business model of franchising, while providing a step by step, easy way for folks to choose and research franchises that could pave the way for them to live the American Dream.

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