Ohio’s Enterprise Appalachia Welcomes Entrepreneurs

Columbus, Ohio (PRESS RELEASE – April 13, 2010) — Entrepreneurs see Ohio’s Enterprise Appalachia as the ideal location choice for start-up opportunities due to its ability to deliver on the ideal location criteria for an entrepreneur-friendly environment: ready access to venture capital, knowledge and labor, supply chains and markets. As a result, Ohio’s Enterprise Appalachia is receiving national recognition as a hotbed of start-up business activity for entrepreneurs.

“Savvy entrepreneurs are realizing that in Ohio’s Enterprise Appalachia region they can benefit from the perfect balance of critical resources and low overhead cost structure without sacrificing access to everything needed for commercial success. In part, this explains why the area is buzzing with entrepreneurial activity. Ohio’s Enterprise Appalachia should be on every entrepreneur’s list of location options,” said Ed Burghard, executive director of the Ohio Business Development Coalition.

One company that can attribute much of its success to Enterprise Appalachia is Turning Technologies in Youngstown, Ohio. Turning Technologies develops audience response systems that are used by more than half of the universities in the U.S. Launched by three entrepreneurs in 2002, Turning Technologies was recently named the fastest growing privately held software company in the country by Inc. magazine, and the 18th fastest growing of all companies.

“The strong academic community in Appalachia Ohio delivers relevant knowledge through research and development and a skilled labor pool, all of which has helped Turning Technologies grow into a global company,” said Mike Broderick, president and chief executive officer of Turning Technologies.

Advantages of Appalachia Ohio

A growing list of major corporations including, TaTa, Boeing, General Electric, Dow Chemical and Colgate-Palmolive, are also benefiting from the ideal location criteria delivered by Enterprise Appalachia, which include:

1. Access to Venture Capital and Support Services

Entrepreneurs locating in Ohio Appalachia benefit from regional venture capital and financial support that meet all business development needs, from start-up businesses to gazelle high growth companies.

2. Access to Knowledge and Labor

Ohio’s Enterprise Region is home to 25 institutions of higher education making it easy for entrepreneurs to leverage academic centers, skilled labor and entrepreneurial support services to make business development and operations a success.

3. Access to Supply Chain and Markets

The infrastructure in Appalachia Ohio provides entrepreneurs access to regional, national and global markets. Ohio’s Enterprise Appalachia has many companies dedicated to supply chain management, sourcing and procurement, production planning and scheduling and international trade assistance.

To learn more about the strategic advantages of Ohio’s Appalachia Region, visit http://ohiomeansbusiness.com/enterprise_appalachia/.

About the Ohio Business Development Coalition

The Ohio Business Development Coalition is a nonprofit organization that provides marketing strategy and implementation to support Ohio’s economic development efforts. For more information, visit www.ohiomeansbusiness.com.

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