Small Business Owners Go Green for Environment

Columbus, Ohio (PRESS RELEASE – April 22, 2010) – As consumer demand for environmentally responsible products and services continues to grow, businesses can’t simply call themselves green–they must actually do their part. According to a survey by Manta, the largest website on and for small businesses, more than 90 percent of small businesses selling green products/services or implementing green practices in the workplace genuinely care about the environment. Forty-six percent of the 421 respondents also cited consumer demand as a major reason for “going green,” the second most popular reason for doing so. These results also suggest that green initiatives have become part of everyday business.

In light of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and considering that approximately 80 percent of U.S. companies have nine employees or fewer (U.S. SBA & Census,) the Manta survey sought to discover how small businesses view environmental consciousness. The business owners surveyed all employ 100 people or fewer and have identified green initiatives on their claimed Manta profiles. Manta found that:

  • 79 percent implement green practices in the workplace and also offer green products or services.
  • 79 percent recycle or compost.
  • 76 percent conserve energy by turning off lights or cooling and heating systems when not in use.
  • 31 percent encourage taking public transportation, carpooling, walking or biking to work.

Despite high participation rates in low-cost green initiatives, small businesses want to do more for the planet and believe they need the government to support the cause.

  • Only five percent feel the government does enough to support small businesses taking on green initiatives.
  • 72 percent believe the government doesn’t do enough.
  • 43 percent would like to receive cost incentives or tax breaks for being green.
  • 23 percent would do more if there were better resources to make being green easier, such as in-building or curbside recycling and compost pickup.

“It’s not surprising that small businesses have gone green,” said Pamela Springer, Manta president and CEO. “Being innovative is part of their nature, and innovative practices often result in the production of environmentally friendly products and services. They have the right attitude about caring for the environment, and given that most businesses in the U.S. are small, they’re bound to make a big difference in the long run. Hopefully the government will be inspired to implement the incentives many business owners need to go a step farther in protecting the planet.”

With profiles of more than 64 million businesses and organizations, Manta is the Web’s largest free source of information on and for small businesses. Manta aims to provide a free Web presence and networking capability for small business owners who may not have the resources to operate their own websites. With hard-to-find information such as estimated revenue, number of employees, company contacts, business descriptions and more, Manta enables business professionals to promote their companies and connect with the more than 14 million monthly visitors.

Survey Methodology

Manta surveyed its users using Zoomerang from April 13 to April 19, 2010, via email. The survey received 421 responses from small business owners whose companies were identified as having 100 employees or fewer and as employing some kind of green initiative in their workplace.

About Manta

Manta ( is the largest free source of information on small companies, with profiles of more than 64 million businesses and organizations. Business owners and sales professionals use Manta’s vast database and custom search capabilities to quickly find companies, easily connect with prospective customers and promote their own services., founded in 2005, is based in Columbus, Ohio.

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