Take This Quiz to Assess Your Strengths as a Business Owner

Do you have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner?

Knowing your style as a business owner can help you understand why you approach your business as you do. It can also help you change behaviors or compensate for weaknesses. That way, you can break through to a new level of growth.

The Growth Analyzer Quiz gives you insight into your style. I created the Quiz after having worked with and interviewed over 5,000 small business owners over a period of 20 years.

Business owner style

In most small businesses, the owner is the primary driver of business growth. The owner’s personality and style have a huge impact on the business’s growth and success. That’s certainly true in the case of sole proprietors. But it’s just as true in businesses with 5, 25 or 50 employees. That all begins to change once a businesses grows to $50 Million in revenues. At that point there is enough corporate-like structure in place with Boards and Management Teams to limit the effect of the business owner’s personality, eccentricities and sacred cows. But up until your business gets to that size, chances are you’re going to have to be good at working around your weaknesses and building on your strengths, if you want profitable growth.

That’s where the Growth Analyzer Quiz comes in. It outlines 45 business-owner characteristics. You are asked to check the boxes next to any of the 45 statements, if they are true and apply to you.

After you’re done, you’ll instantly see the results. You will see how you stack up on nine categories of business-owner characteristics. There is no right or wrong answer. I have seen business owners succeed and fail regardless of their style of business leadership. What makes the difference is how well you know yourself and the impact that your personality and style have on your business.

So, I invite you to take the Growth Analyzer Quiz now.


Andy Birol Andy Birol is the author of "The Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth." He is also a noted small business coach, consultant and speaker who has been interviewed on CNN, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, and Fortune Small Business. His blog is Profitable Growth.

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