“Happiness Becomes Contagious When Shared:” A New Generation Of Social Networking

Solana Beach, CA (PRESS RELEASE – May 25, 2010) – In the beginning, the Social Networking world said let there be light; and so it was written, or so everyone had thought.

During a time of unprecedented transformation, specifically related to how people communicate with each other, a ‘dark’ cloud now hovers over the ‘powerhouse’ that has taken hold of the Social Networking world.

Privacy settings that are hidden and confusing, 3rd party information sharing that would alarm even the most righteous and politically correct members, and a lack of concern or care for what member’s of the website feel and want are the main reasons why huge swarms of people continue to cancel their accounts at alarming speeds.

One thing is certain; very few, if any, of the popular Social Networking websites recognize their own potential and power to help bring about a “greater good” for humanity. That is… until NOW!

Thanks to the incredible power and limitless opportunities inherently available in Social Networking, never before has it been so realistic to bring together the positive and inspired people in the world who, in the words of Ghandi, want to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Years ago, budding social entrepreneur Matthew Roda envisioned a need for such a Social Networking website, a website that cosmically attracted all the positive and inspired people in the world, people who genuinely want to make the world a happier place and want to share such passion with other like minded individuals.

So a few months ago, Matthew founded and created what people are referring to as “the light at the end of the Social Networking tunnel,” www.everydaystory.com.

With hundreds of millions of people actively engaged in Social Networking, founder of www.everydaystory.com Matthew Roda enjoys the futuristic vision of a world where this powerful ‘tool’ is used for the greater good.

Matthew paints the picture well, “imagine for a minute hundreds of millions of people signing onto a Social Networking website each day to inspire themselves and others. No longer do the days of ‘pointless posts’ exist, as people now realize their infinite power to make the world a better place with their own daily actions.”

As more and more people look for positive alternatives, the Social Networking world inevitably becomes a safer and more welcoming place.

Ghandi says it best, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Thanks to www.everydaystory.com, being that positive change has never been so easy and so fun!

The website is currently still in beta mode and has a 2nd much, more intuitive and user-friendly, release coming soon. Welcome to www.everydaystory.com!

About EveryDayStory LLC

EveryDayStory, LLC is the brain source behind www.everydaystory.com. A forward thinking company dedicated to delivering people with a more positive Social Networking experience, EveryDayStory, LLC is committed to providing you with a welcoming and fun venue that keeps your information safe and sound.


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