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BeneTrends Announces Strategic Alliance With FranEquity to Provide Small Business Funding

North Wales, Pennsylvania (PRESS RELEASE – May 4, 2010) — BeneTrends, Inc., the nation’s premier provider of small business retirement plans and business financing utilizing retirement plans, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with FranEquity, a web-based service designed to assist under-financed franchise candidates in accessing alternative sources of capital. Using FranEquity’s website, potential franchisees can connect with other franchise candidates, angel investors, multi-unit franchise operators, financing facilitators and debt lenders to explore mutual interests in financing franchises. Through this alliance, BeneTrends stands ready to connect with and assist new entrepreneurs in maximizing their retirement plans as an alternate source of business capital on the FranEquity Platform.

BeneTrends will be the exclusive provider of retirement-plan-based financing for FranEquity Members. “Our alliance with FranEquity lines up with our vision to provide a way for people to achieve their dreams of business ownership, creating both jobs and prosperity,” says Mark Nelson, President of BeneTrends. “All too often, qualified candidates are unable to obtain the financing they need to purchase franchises. The FranEquity platform gives these people access to various financing options along with the ability to connect with others interested in partnering in a new business.”

Daniel Shifrin, FranEquity Founder and CEO, conceived the idea for connecting people interested in starting new businesses by pooling capital and talent several years ago while starting up several new businesses of his own. “Access to the right types of capital as well as talent and experience is essential for any business start-up. By creating a platform that facilitates these connections, we give qualified people the means to succeed.”

Over the past several months, FranEquity has also brought on franchisors interested in using the platform as a way to help qualified franchise candidates finance their purchases. Says Shifrin,”Our relationship with BeneTrends is part of our effort to partner with some of the best franchise financing sources in the industry. BeneTrends’ reputation for integrity, compliance and client delight is well-known throughout the franchising industry. This alliance gives our franchisor partners and their candidates a reliable and trustworthy source of retirement-plan-based funding provided by the premier player in the market.”

Since 1983, BeneTrends has been in the business of assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners with self-reliant funding options, while helping them plan and save for retirement. The firm specializes in the design and administration of qualified retirement plans for small businesses, including retirement plan designs that can be used to fund business start-ups as well as provide capital for growth and expansion. For more information regarding BeneTrends, contact Jerry Darnell at (866) 423-6387 JDarnell@BeneTrends.com.

The FranEquity Platform, launched in 2010, is designed to help under-financed candidates connect with other under-financed candidates, angel investors, multi unit operators, 401K distribution facilitators and debt lenders for the purpose of exploring a mutual investment in a franchise. The technology enables franchisors to generate their own unique micro-websites and URLs giving them a new tool to help qualified candidates access capital. These sites cater to candidates experiencing financing obstacles and wishing to engage in introductions to potential investors or alternative financing options in an organized and expedient manner. For more information contact Daniel Shifrin at (646) 684-3068 or dan@franequity.com.

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