Cbeyond Launches Data Backup And Storage Solution for Small Businesses

Atlanta (PRESS RELEASE – May 27, 2010) — Cbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY), a small business communication and IT services provider to more than 52,000 small businesses across the country, today announced it has partnered with industry leader Mozy, a subsidiary of EMC Corporation, to provide cloud-based online data storage and data backup services for not only PCs, but now for servers. With Cbeyond’s new Secure Backup service, small businesses can now get data backup and protection services using some of the most advanced technology available in the world.

Cbeyond’s online data storage services give small businesses a quick and easy solution by simply downloading software and connecting to the Cbeyond network. There is no need to purchase additional hardware, software, or services – Cbeyond enables small businesses to encrypt files for backup and long-term data storage, optimize storage space, schedule automatic backups, and set e-mail alerts to better manage their data all from the PC-based product dashboard and CbeyondOnline service management portalâ„¢.

Cbeyond brings a best-in-class technology solution to small businesses – to continue helping small businesses leverage technology in a simple and affordable way as they grow and expand. “Too many small businesses make the mistake of thinking they do not need data backup and storage services,” said Jon Harmer, Cbeyond’s senior product manager. “The reality is most businesses are only one major event away from losing all their critical data and jeopardizing the stability of their business. Our cloud-based solution ensures entrepreneurs can easily protect their data in a secure and reliable environment.”

Online data storage and data backup is often an afterthought for small businesses, but Cbeyond has worked with Mozy to deploy a solution that fits easily into the daily routine of a small business owner, so they can focus on running their business while having peace of mind that their data is being backed up and protected. “Data loss occurs in small businesses each day, whether a hard drive crashes, files are accidently deleted or a laptop is left in a taxi,” said Dave Robinson, vice president of marketing at Mozy. “These everyday occurrences don’t need to keep entrepreneurs up at night. A simple solution like Cbeyond’s Secure Backup powered by Mozy can provide the safety net a small business needs for its archived and business-critical information.”

As digital data grows at an increasing rate, many small businesses face two key problems: keeping up with the amount of storage they need and deciding to store their data in a secure, off-site facility. “We knew Cbeyond’s Secure Backup Solution was the right fit for us,” said Tammy Rich, corporate business management consultant for Lase’R Ventures. “With Cbeyond’s Secure Backup, I am able to easily increase the amount of online data storage I need, and I know my information is secure offsite in the event something happens to the office.”

The new Secure Backup service is the latest addition to a growing suite of Cbeyond security and protection services. To learn more about the complete portfolio of services, including desktop security, managed firewall and secure VPN, visit www.cbeyond.net or call 877-441-9783.

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