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(PRESS RELEASE – May 17, 2010) – Kenneth A. Bray is searching for qualified business entrepreneurs who want to have their own business, for FREE. He is turning his nine years of manufacturing research and development and product marketing into a “Cinderella Happening,” for the right candidates. He is “Giving Away,” the sales and marketing divisions of his manufacturing company, “FREE!”

And the reason; the economic woes of our time. The Bray’s have seen their retail business change and have heard the questions and no answers that their customers, friends and neighbors are all asking. “What will I do when my unemployment runs out and I still can’t get a job?” “What will I do when I can no longer pay my mortgage, or support my family?” “What will I do when I no longer have any savings, or retirement funds?” “What will I do when there is no where to turn?”

American’s are attempting to survive the present economic climate, by trying to re-enter the work force in lesser capacities, or by downsizing, but, in most cases these are only temporary solutions, at the very best.

In the case of sixty-seven year old Kenneth Bray, and his wife, Francine, their problems are totally unique. Over the last nine years they have worked to build their manufacturing and retail business, only to find they have created a monster. They had worked together for an international shoe polish company in the 70’s and by the 80’s they went their separate ways and both became small business owners. In 2000 they re-united, married and joined forces on their business ventures. Bray went back to a unique product idea he had in the 80’s; create a state-of-the-art product unavailable anywhere else, worldwide. He knew paper greeting cards supported a 7 billion dollar industry, so why not try something new. His answer: an elegant, frameable metal greeting card. With his wife, an award winning author and book publisher, they developed these cards until Greetings on Gold was born. The only problem; she didn’t like the clip art style pictures, so she picked up her camera and developed her photography skills until she could produce professional photos that would adorn their cards.

Once Bray discovered how well received the photographs were when melded with the goldtone metal, he experimented with re-creating the photos as art: as so, Art on Gold was born.

From there things snowballed. Her photos were winning awards and Bray added a full line of souvenirs, including custom photo t-shirts. Eventually they started making jewelry from the photos and designed dog tags, earrings and pendants and charm bracelets.

They were constantly branching out with her art when their customers asked about having their pictures reproduced on the metal; Portraits on Gold became the new reproduction, re-creation and colorization, division of their company.

Now, after nine years of product development, and over half a million dollars of product and real estate investment, they now realize that they created an entrepreneurial nightmare. Their product lines have become so extensive that it has become impossible to do justice to any one product.

They have also realized that the current economy has signaled “spin on a dime” type changes for them. They are now concentrating less on their retail store operation, and more on going back to what they do best; manufacture and development.

After many long hours trying to figure out how they can survive these times, they finally came up with the idea, “Let’s give it away!”

As such, they have developed a program to give away portions of their company, free-of-charge, to selected qualified individuals. Bray says, “We can’t do everything ourselves, and this is the first time that there are so many people not sure of their future, so if we can share with people who have the talent, experience and drive – it will be a win-win situation that may help others survive as well! The individuals we are seeking will have to be willing to invest their time and expertise. And that’s all we’re asking and in return for these efforts, they’ll receive an initial ownership position of 49% in that product line, and can build to a 95% ownership position in the sales arm of the company.”

Bray explains, “All our research and development has been completed, test marketing has proved salability. Looking toward national and international marketing we purchased an 8000 square foot retail and manufacturing facility, in Buchanan, Virginia which enables us to be in a position to handle major product marketing, but now, we need help.

“Additionally, my wife and I are very aware of economic problems facing families in this recession, and we feel great about ‘giving back’ an entrepreneurial opportunity. The candidates we are seeking should have skills in any of these areas: product marketing, web marketing, ebay selling, fundraiser experience, direct marketing, or art sales background.

“We believe this is an exceptional opportunity to start a business that will turn into a prosperous future! And, the beauty of these products is that we virtually have no competition. Additionally, with target markets in the billions of dollars annually, the right candidates will have an inexhaustible entrepreneurial potential, with our guidance.”

The Brays’ company, “Creations,” has grown over these years to now include: Art on Gold, Portraits on Gold, Phaux-to-Canvas, Greetings on Gold, Foto -Jewelry, Photo Tees, and a souvenir division that includes numerous other sundry items, not to mention a full service cooperative publishing house. Their expectation is to recruit qualified individuals from May through August, with a full product launch slated for fall, 2010. To that end, they have set up a web site: where interested parties can review specific details and submit a resume. Resumes can also be mailed to, Creations, P.O. Box 83, Troutville, VA 24175, or emailed:

Bray says he is hoping product and web marketing professionals, business executives, seniors, veterans, the handicapped, the unemployed and anyone at a turn in the road will feel welcome to apply.

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