RISCCON Launches Business Research Resource for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Hamilton, New Jersey (PRESS RELEASE – May 26, 2010) – RISCCON combines 15 years of professional investigative experience and resources and delivers it into the world of business, focusing on early entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies. RISCCON provides vital business information and intelligence allowing business owners to make the most difficult decisions at a moment’s notice.

RISCCON launches an innovative business model to assist early entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies increase their chances for survival in this ever changing and competitive economy. More now than ever people are deciding to open up their own businesses in efforts to create a better future and a more stable environment. However, with the increase of new business ownership; will come the increase of competition. Well over 50% of new businesses will fail within 2 years of their launch; increase the chances of success by adding a professional research and information resourceRISCCON.

What is the difference between success and failure, between profits and loss or even winning and losing? Information, data, intelligence and facts is the key to business success. RISCCON provides the necessary information to business owners giving them the tools to make efficient and intelligent business decisions.

Building a Success Foundation

RISCCON is known as the cornerstone in the foundation of business, providing a lifeline of research, information and business data that is crucial on every level. Gathering information and business intelligence on items like demographics, vendors, industry trending, competition, marketing, outsourcing, R&D and much more. By obtaining the facts in these areas it will greatly reduce time and expenses as well as provide the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Filling the Void

RISCCON attempts to fill the void that many entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses experience in their everyday life. Business research and intelligence is a daily practice in Fortune 500 companies, it must become a consistent routine in new businesses as well to ensure success. RISCCON is filling that void by offering customized and affordable solutions in all aspects of business research data.

What makes RISCCON different?

RISCCON understands how even the smallest amount of information can change the direction of a company. RISCCON has over 15 years of professional investigative experience with nearly unlimited resources at their disposal. The information that is gathered is then analyzed in the proper context to determine if the information is relevant to the goals of the entrepreneur or company. Slight adjustments are made to constantly focus on the end goal and provide an easy to read comprehensive report full of facts and options for the entrepreneur.


RISCCON is a leader in business research and the acquisition of data. No other company combines the balance of professional investigations with information and intelligence as it relates to everyday business activities. Obtain complete and comprehensive reports that give clear insight to the industry and market. Proper business research and information increases overall business performance, success and efficiency. Geared towards assisting early entrepreneurs, startups and growing organizations, for more information visit http://www.risccon.com.

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