A New Business Management System for CEOs of Small to Mid-Market Businesses

Memphis, Tennessee (PRESS RELEASE – May 9, 2010) — ShortTrack CEO, the first business management system created by CEOs for leadership teams of small to mid-market companies, officially launched today at www.ShortTrackCEO.com.

The ShortTrack CEO system evolved from ten years of work with over 2,000 CEOs of companies under $100 million in revenue. It’s designed for CEOs and leadership teams to master the four fundamental areas that impact their business value: Foundation, Market, People and Operations.

“CEOs of small to mid-market companies don’t have the same resources or bandwidth as their Fortune 500 counterparts to build tools and systems to ensure that their growth is creating company value,” said Ken Edmundson, co-creator and CEO of ShortTrack CEO. “Everyone talks about growth and increasing the top line, but our work over the last ten years has shown that not all growth is equal, and not all growth creates value. Sometimes growth hurts company value.”

The ShortTrack CEO system enables CEOs to use a single metric to measure their effectiveness. The measurement gives them insight into how well their business is creating value, how well they’re performing against their competitors and peers, and the percentage return the business is providing for their shareholders.

“We created the ShortTrack value measurement after ten years of research into the applicability of ROCE for private companies,” notes Nick Setchell, ShortTrack CEO co-creator. “ROCE was developed seventy years ago by the DuPont Company and is widely used by Fortune 500 executives to provide a clearer insight into their performance. Our derivation of ROCE gives small to mid-market CEOs the same valuable information so they make better decisions to create company value.”

The ShortTrack CEO system is more than a financial measurement, though; the system delivers tools for CEOs and their leadership team to use on the job to redefine their corporate strategy to improve the business areas that affect their value. The system is delivered through a twelve month program that encompasses training, consulting, seminars, self study and mentoring led by Ken Edmundson, a serial CEO who has built three successful companies in three different industries over his career.

ShortTrack clients are taken through twelve modules aligned to the four areas that are the key drivers of their company value. The modules are delivered by a seasoned CEO who works with clients’ leadership teams to navigate them through the modules and tools.

About ShortTrack CEO, LLC:

ShortTrack CEO is a business management system designed by CEOs for leadership teams of private companies with less than $100 million in revenue.

ShortTrack CEO is privately-held and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with locations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Adelaide, Australia.

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