Web Community Re-Launches to Help Creative-Minded Small Businesses

Tampa, Florida (PRESS RELEASE – May 11, 2010) — Oddpodz announced today it re-launched its site with a new platform to better serve the exploding first-time entrepreneurial and small business market.

The recession has put unemployment at a record high. However, this challenging economy has also produced a flood of new businesses and first-time entrepreneurs. The US Small Business Administration reports that 627,200 new employer firms opened their doors in 2008 alone.

“Entrepreneurship is on the rise. Driven by lay-offs, downsizing and pay cuts, many have been forced to look for ways to supplement their income. Others who lost their jobs and can’t find employment have started new businesses for survival. And others believe job security is not what it used to be and being self employed is an attractive option,” explained Karen Post, Chief Oddpod and CEO.

There are many excellent sites for entrepreneurs. Oddpodz is unique because we serve the creative-minded segment, which is relatively untapped. Creative-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to be more right brain thinkers, change agents, problem solvers driven by innovation.

The new site hosts three topic-focused blogs addressing: marketing/branding, entrepreneurship/business and free biz findz (an aggregation of no-cost/high-value resources for businesses and professionals). The site is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our content comes from a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with diverse business backgrounds.

In addition to the three blogs Oddpodz offers a weekly free e-zine, hourly coaching from business authorities in finance, marketing, human resources and operations and a learning store that sells downloadable tools, books and products. The company expects to add more social media functionality in the near future and to expand its learning store with more products and services.

About Oddpodz

Based in Tampa, Florida, the company was founded in January 2006 by entrepreneurs Karen Post and Jocelyn Ring. Karen, aka the Branding Diva, is an international branding expert, consultant and speaker. She has been featured in global media outlets including Bloomberg TV, CBS Early Show, The New York Times, The New York Post, NPR, Fast Company and The Boston Globe. She is also the author of Brain Tattoos: Creating Unique Brands That Stick in Your Consumers’ Minds (AMACOM). Jocelyn is a former investment banker and brand strategy consultant.

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