ZoomInfo Provides Free Sales Prospecting Tool to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Waltham, MA. (PRESS RELEASE – May 20, 2010) – Helping drive sales across America, ZoomInfoâ„¢, the world’s most comprehensive source of business information on people and companies announced that FreshContacts is now available to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

FreshContacts ( www.freshcontacts.com ) enables executives to exchange their business contacts for two free months of unlimited access to ZoomInfo’s directory of more than 45 million people at five million companies. For small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget, swapping contacts is a way to jumpstart their lead generation through valuable intelligence on prospects for free.

FreshContacts empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses to:
• Identify sales targets: Search for companies by focus area, industry, size, geography and up to 20 other criteria.
• Find buyers and influencers: Using over 20 criteria clients can find and research key executives at prospect companies.
• Warm cold calls: Obtain rapport-building details about people and companies before picking up the phone or walking into a meeting.
• Get up-to-date contact information: Find postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for companies, key employees and critical decision makers.
• Close business faster: Get a foot in the door faster by identifying multiple contacts at target companies.

Launched in December of 2009, FreshContacts was initially offered to jobseekers looking to gain an edge in one of the most competitive employment markets in recent history. To date, more than 37,000 business professionals have downloaded FreshContacts to find employment opportunities and make connections. With free access to actionable insights on potential employers these jobseekers have been able to reduce the length of their job searches.

On the heels of this success, ZoomInfo has extended the FreshContacts offer to individuals at small companies who need vital lead generation tools and intelligence to grow their businesses in this rebounding economy. By swapping contacts, sales representatives can obtain two months of unlimited free access to in-depth profiles on 45+ million B-to-B professionals and the companies that they work for.

According to the 2009 IDC Sales Enablement Survey, 57 percent of representatives go into sales conversations unprepared. The survey further concludes that 33 percent of all unsuccessful client deals could have been won if the seller had been better informed and more client-focused. In the small business market, where resources are even more constrained, these figures are even higher. Using FreshContacts, small businesses and entrepreneurs can obtain the actionable intelligence they need about prospects, customers, and partners to help fill their sales pipeline and close more business faster.

As a tech start-up with a modest budget, Focus Development Group was looking for a low-cost way to nurture leads and build its brand. Managing Director Stephen Rosen took advantage of the FreshContacts offer and immediately began using the free access to ZoomInfo’s business intelligence directory to promote his own business. Rosen and his team were able to build a database of companies that met their strategic profile and began aggressively marketing to decision makers at target accounts. “ZoomInfo gave us a good, fast way to outline the key players we needed to reach and an accurate way to connect with them,” explained Rosen.

The multi-touch email campaign generated impressive response rates, creating an upsurge in traffic and boosting sales. Rosen was able to achieve all this with two months of free access and he says the process for downloading FreshContacts couldn’t have been easier.

“FreshContacts is a straightforward business proposition; the exchange of contacts was simple, intuitive and non-intrusive,” said Rosen. “A lot of the smaller businesses I work with have limited resources and are not in a position to purchase the marketing tools they need to succeed. I encourage them to download FreshContacts so they can access valuable business intelligence they can use to grow their companies.”

How FreshContacts Works

Using a free, downloadable plug-in, entrepreneurs can quickly and safely trade their contacts for two months of unlimited free ZoomInfo access. The FreshContacts Microsoft Outlook plug-in automatically uploads the user’s business contacts in a matter of minutes.
FreshContacts observes the following practices to ensure the integrity of its data and the anonymity of its users:

• Business Contacts Only – FreshContacts disregards any contacts that have a consumer email address such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.
• Contributions are Anonymous – The source of contact information that is used to add or improve information in ZoomInfo’s database is kept anonymous.
• Opt-Out – All contributed contacts are scrubbed for CAN-Spam compliance. As always, everyone added to ZoomInfo’s database is offered the opportunity to opt-out via email, web, or toll-free number.

“According to the latest figures from the SBA, there are over 29.6 million small businesses in the United States that employ half of US workers and are credited with creating 64 percent of net new jobs over the past 15 years,” said Sam Zales, President of ZoomInfo. “Access to ZoomInfo through FreshContacts will provide many small businesses with the tools they need to drive sales, close business and market their products in challenging economic times.”

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo, the world’s most comprehensive directory of business information on people and companies, is used by sales and marketing professionals to find leads, recruiters to uncover talent and by business professionals to find detailed information on people and companies. ZoomInfo’s semantic search technology gathers publicly available information from the business web – millions of company websites, news feeds and other online sources – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, then automatically compiles it into easy-to-search and easy-to-read profiles. ZoomInfo currently has profiles on more than 45 million people and 5.5 million companies, and its patented web-crawling technology adds over 20,000 new profiles monthly.

In addition to web-sourced content, ZoomInfo also relies on the input and edits of a growing user community. To date, nearly a million business professionals have contributed fresh profile information to the ZoomInfo directory and, since the launch of FreshContacts in December of 2009, some 37,000 users have contributed more than eight million contacts.
More than six million people search http://www.zoominfo.com every month. And over 3,000 customers, including Yahoo!, Microsoft, Oracle, PepsiCo, and 20 percent of the Fortune 500, subscribe to ZoomInfo’s premium service products. ZoomInfo is privately held and based in Waltham, Mass.

ZoomInfo also hosts Follow The Lead, a B2B sales and marketing blog that delivers the latest insights on prospecting, sales intelligence, closing, recruitment, CRM and database management.


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