FavRav Launches Social Media Tool for Small Business

Westlake Village, California (PRESS RELEASE – June 30, 2010) — FavRav (www.favrav.com) today announced a new social media tool that gives small businesses a quick, easy, and cost-efficient way to promote themselves on Facebook, while also letting consumers participate in an interactive and engaging community to find quality, trusted referrals for the more important decisions in their life.

Although small businesses recognize the value of social media, only larger businesses with dedicated staff and social media expertise have been able to tap into the growing number of potential customers. Conversely, consumers wanting trusted referrals for important life decisions are faced with the daunting task of sifting through large numbers of unqualified results from unknown sources. Now with FavRav, small businesses can be up and running in minutes with an automated service that enables them to use social media platforms like Facebook to generate referral business from their existing customers. And, consumers get trusted, quality recommendations from the community of the people they trust most, their friends and family.

“If you’re looking for a recommendation on a great ‘date night’ restaurant or local bar, you can use the other myriad of referral/recommendation sites like Yelp or Citysearch,” said Bill Manos, co-founder, FavRav. “We’re really the place people come when you need a trusted referral from friends on important decisions like your first child’s pediatrician, a realtor for your next home purchase or an insurance agent to help you protect your family.”

“Realtors have always relied heavily on referrals to drive their business. Many realize that having a social media presence is critical, but don’t have the expertise to execute and are overwhelmed at the prospect,” said Real Estate Expert Matthew Ferrara, CEO, at Matthew Ferrara & Co (www.matthewferrara.com). “Social media tools like FavRav can be a good option for realtors trying to engage potential customers and increase their social media visibility, but who don’t have the time to be a social media guru.”

FavRav for Small Business

With a FavRav profile, small businesses receive the following benefits:

  • Passport to the Referral Community: By engaging though FavRav, small businesses have direct access to a powerful referral community by way of their customers, and a much better way to Be Referable.
  • Social Media Integration: When you’re referred, your customer’s testimonial is posted on their Facebook Wall along with your contact info and a direct link to your website. Now potential customers are one click away from discovering your services at the recommendation of their friends.
  • Promotions Engine: Promotions get posted along with each customer testimonial. Promotions can be anything — discounts, your businesses specialty, or seasonal messages. It’s simple. Create the promotion, and then let your customers drive traffic to your site.
  • Executive Dashboard: See how well your FavRav profile is doing 24/7. The real-time analytics tool keeps you updated on how your referrals are performing and provides insight on how to more effectively engage your customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization: All FavRav customers receive a Microsite that displays their contact profile. Additionally, new Rav notifications are posted to our Twitter feed. Both of these are indexed by all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. — driving organic traffic to your small business when anyone searches for you.

Pricing and Availability

FavRav is available today at www.favrav.com/biz and is free for the first 30 days. After the trial period, businesses pay just $29 per month.

About FavRav

FavRav is dedicated to improving the usefulness of Facebook. Quizzes, cows, and virtual beers are great fun, but tapping into the power of the social graph and improving peoples’ lives is our passion. Every day millions of people are looking for referrals to local service providers they can trust. FavRav is a fun and easy way to help people share and discover the best their communities have to offer with the help of their Facebook friends. For more information, visit www.FavRav.com


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