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Guide to Successful Web Marketing for Small Businesses

Denver, CO (PRESS RELEASE – June 7, 2010) — C Shaffstall & Son, LLC, today is pleased to announce Small-business Guide to Winning at Web Marketing, a new book on the Why, What, How, Who, and When of web marketing for the small business, freelancer, and entrepreneur. Web marketing is a lot like playing pinball. With the small-business guide to web marketing you’ll learn the game basics, some strategy, and a few tricks, but mastering pinball – web marketing – will depend entirely on how long you can keep the ball in play.

Small businesses must be nimble and responsive in order to be competitive – especially against larger companies with seemingly unlimited marketing budgets. Many entrepreneurs believe they cannot afford to create a marketing edge, but Shaffstall asserts that they are wrong. Web marketing levels the playing field and, in fact, creates an atmosphere where being small can be highly advantageous.

“This is an excellent resource,” says Mike Booth, owner, Sir Speedy Centennial. “The author lays out the steps a business needs to take to be recognized on the internet and more importantly be noticed by customers and potential customers. I highly recommend this book to all business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers implementing – or who want to implement – electronic-marketing initiatives.”

“I have spent 30 years as an entrepreneur in Mac-based companies. Like most small-business owners, I did the marketing myself because I didn’t have the budget for otherwise,” said Cyndie Shaffstall, author. “After 9/11, it was get smart or get out. I chose the former. In my book, you will benefit from lessons learned. Don’t flounder – you don’t have time.”

For the freelance Mac-based designer, entrepreneur, owner, or soon-to-be-owner, Small-business Guide to Winning at Web Marketing will help the reader to understand the electronic and traditional marketing landscape while combining the two to grow their business. This book starts with web and blog sites and rolls right on through social media, social bookmarking, blogging, press releases, news announcements, printed material, QR codes, Quark Promote, and much more. Small-business Guide to Winning at Web Marketing, $54.99, 158 full-color pages, illustrated, 8X10. Also available as an ebook in both ePub and Kindle formats, $17.99.

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